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Petpet Name: Fluffkins
Owner: umbreon133
Pet Name: Tappan
Breed: Plushie Babaa

About Fluffkins:
One day, Tappan was taking a stroll along a street in Faerie City to escape the breezy winter weather in Terror Mountain. She had been shopping for what seemed like hours on end, searching for gourmet foods that she still needed for a trophy she’d been working towards for months. Sadly, she hadn’t had much luck, as most of the items would sell out seemingly instantly.

Her stomach began to grumble. It’s hard to stay full when you are at the brink of starvation working for this trophy. But it’s the price one must pay to be a champion! Surely one little snack couldn’t hurt though, could it?

She made her way to the restaurant area, and noticed a small chalkboard advertising sign that read-

With her mouth watering a little, she followed the sign. It led her to three more signs before she found the little shop. It was quaint, with little charming decorations cluttering the shop window, alongside all kinds of pastries, candies and various treats. Of note was a spectacular and sparkling multi-layered cake in the shape of the Hidden Tower. If there was one place that looked like it could boast about having the best cupcakes in Neopia, this could be it.

A bell on the door jingled as she opened it and walked in. The shop looked unattended. Tappan peered around for a service bell and entered the shop further. There were garlands of paper cupcakes strung about, and glass cases displaying the most imaginative cakes and cookies. She found the service bell atop one of the display cases and rang it.


Tappan looked around for the source of that joyous little sound.


Tappan looked around once more, albeit confused, as she still couldn’t locate where it came from.

“I’m down here!”, she heard a voice squeak. A miniature creature, no bigger than a basketball, skipped up to her. (Mind you, its head probably makes up more than half of its size.) At first she thought it was a ball of cotton candy floating towards her until she noticed it had a face and legs. She soon realized it was the smallest Plushie Babaa she’d ever seen. Nevertheless, its gleaming eyes and rosy cheeks cutely make up for its odd shape.

“Goodness, you’re tall aren’t ya? Well I guess most pets really seem tall to me anyway, I’m just vertically challenged!” it began to ramble at first, but it eventually came back on track and peeped “So glad you found my shop! Welcome to Fluffporium, what does your heart desire?”

For being so tiny, this little Babaa had a surprisingly large presence. Tappan wasn’t sure what it was, but she certainly liked it.

“I’m here for the best cupcake in N--” Tappan exclaimed, but the Babaa jumped into action before she could finish her sentence.

“One BCN, of course! Those are my best sellers, come this way” she chimed, as she bounced onto one of the display cases. Tappan gleefully followed. “So here are all the flavors we have today, which one would you like?”

Tappan’s eyes widened in awe. There were cupcakes in almost every color imaginable, all arranged in an aesthetically pleasing pastel rainbow array. “I don’t know how I can choose!”


The little Babaa was staring curiously at Tappan. “Here let me help, I think you’ll like this one” she offered Tappan a cupcake. It was uniquely shaped with the face of a cute koi and petite strawberry chunks scattered about the pastel pink icing.

Tappan unwrapped the baking cup and popped the cupcake into her mouth. It was simply scrumptious, easily the most delicious cupcake she’d ever had! The Babaa was looking at Tappan, proudly waiting for the great feedback she already knew was coming.

“This. Is. Amazing!” Tappan managed to get out between chews as she finished the cupcake.

The Babaa grinned, “And you’ll be happy to know, it’s a Strawberry Koi Cupcake” she explained.

Tappan couldn’t believe it, a gourmet cupcake! It’s like this Babaa knew exactly what I needed, she thought in disbelief. Her face must have given away her excitement, as the Babaa said “Just swing by once an hour and I’ll give you a new gourmet cupcake! No need to thank me, hon, just spreading some sweet joy!”

“Wow, this is so kind of you, you can definitely consider me a regular now! I didn’t even catch your name.” Tappan was flabbergasted that someone would do this for her. It was so hard to come by gourmet foods at the main shops.

“My name is Fluffkins, dear” the Babaa did a twirl as she said her name.

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