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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Puff
Owner: moosuem
Pet Name: Ratohud
Breed: Valentine Cirrus

About Puff:
Hello! I'm Puff and I'm a Cirrus. I'm different compared to all these other floating clouds you see everywhere because I'm actually a Valentine Cirrus! Interesting, I know.
It's a funny story how I met my my owner Ratohud. At the time, I was actually a really lonely petpet. So much so that I was actually often mistaken for Grey. You see, us petpets have a very important purpose and that is to watch over our owners as our owners watch over us. If we don't have an owner for ourselves we feel as if we are lost without any real sense of direction or purpose. The bonding of a Neopet and its Petpet is very sacred and can not be broken by anything in this world.
Before meeting my owner I was basically just doing little storm cloud things all of the time. First I would hover here...then I would hover there. I spend most of my time looking for a sad Neopets heads to follow around and rain on. When Ratohud came into my life I knew it was destiny we would be best friends forever.
Alright! Story time!
It was a dark and stormy night... okay, not really. It was actually a nice day if you ignore the fact that I was raining on everything that I crossed paths with. I was floating around minding my own business when suddenly I hear what sounds like a bouncing Blumaroo coming from behind me.
I stop and turn around expecting someone to be there but there nobody. Slightly skeptical, I turn back around and go on my way.
It sounded like it was getting closer so I turn around quickly as I can. Nothing. Only a suspiciously placed shrub. At this point, I was getting a little bit creeped out. Nonetheless, I had places to be. I turned back around and floated away faster. Totally not scared, by the way.
I turn around and greeted by the silly looking Plushie Gnorbu RIGHT in my face.
"AH! WHO ARE YOU?," I shouted, clearly startled.
"Hi! I'm Ratohud. I'm really sorry I scared you," he says, "Why are you out here alone?"
"I'm by myself because I don't have an owner to spend time with me," I said dejectedly.
"Well that doesn't seem right. Can I be your owner?," he asked with sparkles in his eyes,"I have a feeling we were meant to find each other today!"
"R-really?," I said in disbelief, "You want to be my owner?"
"Very much," He said bashfully, "I think you need me as much as I need you"
He reaches out to grab my had to secure our bond except I don't have hands so that was kind of awkward for me and embarrassing on his part. He walks up and nuzzles me and I go gracefully floating onto his back. I was so happy. For the longest time in a long time I actually smiled and felt joy in my heart. I finally have a place to call home. My grey slowly started to fade away as I was taken over by my new look - Valentine!
We have in inseparable ever since.

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