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Petpet Name: Origami
Owner: uleema
Pet Name: Art15t
Breed: Blue Quintilc

About Origami:
Origami was only a paper before she became a quintilc. She was unhappy and unsatisfied on what she was. She was sad that she was only a paper. She felt lonely because she has no friend to play with. Being a paper make her unable to move easily. She only can move if there’s wind blow. Since she was only a paper, she cannot make any friend. She wanted to be born as a petpet, not a paper. She wanted to have arms, legs, or wings so that she can play, try to make some new friends and have some adventure around neopia world. She wanted to be born as a petpet so that she can be adopted by other neopian like a petpet use to be. But she was only a paper, she could not be adopted and even she could not move and play. She knew that she was meant to be something. Something that is more meaningful than just a paper. Something more than just a thing to write on.

Origami was live in school supplies located in neopia plaza. She was organized neatly in shelf. Nobody ever use her, she was newly came from the paper factory. One day morning, a flotsam who loves arts would like to buy a paper from school supplies. She was intended to use the paper to make some art works for her new gallery. So she picked a random paper on a shelf which coincidentally was Origami the paper. She bought the paper from the shop and brought it to her art studio. But when she was about to change the paper into a piece of art, she realize something different about the paper.

“Why are you looking sad, paper?”, asked the flotsam.

“I am sad because I am only a paper. I want to see neopia world look like, but I can’t do anything because I am just a paper”, answer Origami.

“It is not bad of being a paper. One paper could help anybody. It can give anybody some knowledge, experience and they are very useful thing”

“But I do not want to be a thing. I want to be somebody special for somebody. I want to have friends. A perfect match who can play with me together all day and take me travel around neopia world”

“Hmm, I think I can help you with my art skill, let’s see what I can do”

Shortly thereafter,

“Look at the mirror, Paper”, said the flotsam excitedly.

“Wow, look at me! I’m a quintilc”, said Origami who could not believe his eyes. Wait a second. She even has a pair of eyes now!

“Do you like your new look?”

“I don’t I like it! I love it! Thank you err… I’m sorry, I don’t know your name..”

“You can call me Artist”

“Thank you Artist, but I don’t have a name”

“Well, I can call you origami.. how about that?”

“Oww I love my name…it’s so lovely”

“And now you have me as your friend so you don’t need to feel alone any more, I’ll take you to see how beautiful neopia is”

“Thank you so much Artist”, said Origami the quintilc while hugging her new friend, Artist..

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