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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Rex
Owner: vindikative
Pet Name: Roedena
Breed: White Quadrapus

About Rex:
You walk into the Grundos Cafe to grab a bite to eat.

In front of you stands a Pirate Krawk with a bright and flashy pink mohawk. While gazing in awe at the wildly colored hairdo, you notice a small white tentacle hanging out of her bag.
In an attempt to be polite, you gently nudge the Krawk’s shoulder to inform her of her loose baggage.
Unfortunately, this Krawk is trained in martial arts.
She grabs your wrist and clenches it with a grip so tight that would make even Dr. Sloth cry out for mercy.
“Oh, sorry about that,” the Krawk apologized. She lets go of your arm and dusts off your shoulder.
“Here, let me buy you lunch. My treat,” she insists. The Krawk smiles and then nods to the counter, where the clerk looks quite confused.
. . .
You walk behind her until she stops at a table and takes a seat. While you sit down, the Krawk removes her bag and lets the slimy creature crawl out. She gleams in delight at the Quadrapus and extends her hand out to you. “The name’s Roedena, but you can just call me Roe.” She hugs the Petpet and says, “This little guy’s name is Rex. Isn’t he the cutest?”
You shake her hand and are reminded her solid grip. Before she can apologize, Rex makes a small ‘Brrflp’ sound and pushes on Roedena’s arm with his tentacle. “Oh, that’s right! I almost forgot it was lunch time,” Roedena says.
She breaks off a small piece of Marshmallow Grundo, and Rex sticks his tongue out in excitement. He chews with pleasure and is entertained by mashing his teeth like he’s a big and scary monster.
Roedena pats his head and tells you, “You see, I was originally from Krawk Island. I was the best pirate there, but money had always been tight. Virtupets had an open position for head of security, and I did what I had to do.” She looks over the balcony to see a large crowd of young Grundos playing a game of “Pin the Tail on the Sloth” and smiles with fondness for them.
“Don’t get me wrong, I love the Space Station. The people are great, and so is the food! It’s just that I miss home sometimes,” she laments.
“Fortunately for me, I found this little guy as a stowaway in the Grundo Warehouse,” she tells you while rubbing Rex’s head. He lets out a sound that almost sounds like a purr, but not quite. “Instead of practicing normal Stowaway Protocol #0652, I just told the boys that I took care of it. I stuffed Rex into my bag and we’ve been best buds ever since!”
You listen carefully to everything that she says, and think about how hard it would be to have to leave your homeland...
Before you can tell her how sweet her story is, she starts to tear up, saying, “Oh man, don’t look over here! It’s just some of the spicy food. I promise!”
Rex looks up at her and waddles closer. He nuzzles into her arm and lets out the same weird purring noise. Roedena wipes her eyes and tells Rex, “I don’t know what I would do without you, little guy.”
She looks back up at you and says, “If you tell anyone about what happened here, you’ll be sleeping with one eye open, bub.”
With that, she places Rex back into her bag and heads out of the Cafe, her pink mohawk shining in the neon lights of the Space Station.

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