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Petpet Name: Sprinkles
Owner: angul888
Pet Name: Cyntrithyn
Breed: Rainbow Gruslen

About Sprinkles:
"Sprinkles!" Cyntrithyn called, peeking around a tree. He was nowhere in sight, and she felt like she'd been looking for hours. "SPRINKLES, REALLY! COME ON!" She yelled out again, her brow furrowing. The Plushie Kougra was beginning to grow weary of searching for her beloved Rainbow Gruslen.

What had started as a harmless game of Hide and Seek in the park had resulted in Sprinkles hiding himself so well that Cyntrithyn had lost hope of finding him. "Goodness, where in Neopia could you even be! I've checked everywhere! This'll teach me to play Hide and Seek with you again after the Faerieland incident..." She winced, recalling the time she had to fish Sprinkles out of the Healing Springs. Needless to say the Faeries weren't pleased, and her chances of receiving a Fountain Faerie quest any time soon had gone down significantly.

The Kougra glanced down at a rock on the ground and slowly reached her paw out to flip it over. There was nothing beneath it of course, but Cyn decided it was best to leave no stone unturned, as they say. Her eyes shifted side to side, and she wondered if any of her fellow park-goers had seen her embarrassing act of desperation.

After a few more minutes of fruitless searching, Cyn sighed and slumped down in the grass, defeated. "How hard is it to find a Rainbow Gruslen, he's like six different colors, and they're all bright! He should be a walking beacon of LOOK AT ME! The way he hides, you'd think he was painted Stealthy, not Rainbow!" She shook her head and snorted as she talked to herself. A passing Blue Blumaroo looked at her with concern and began to hastily bounce away. "Eheh... Sorry, don't mind me, my Petpet you see, he's missing and I just-oh what's the point." Cyn muttered as the Blumaroo fled without acknowledging what she was saying. Great, she thought. Now Sprinkles wasn't just driving her crazy, he was making her look crazy too.

Suddenly, from behind her, the Plushie Kougra felt a gentle tap on her shoulder. She spun around quickly to be met with a big, wet lick to the face from a familiar, brightly-colored furball. "Augh! Sprinkles!" She laughed excitedly as he licked her. A friendly Purple Nimmo calmly handed him to Cyn, and she hugged him tightly to her. "Oh you found him, thank you, thank you!" She exclaimed gleefully as she squeezed her wayward companion affectionately. Sprinkles gave a happy "Grooowr!" in response.

"You're quite welcome!" The Nimmo laughed as he watched them. "I heard you calling for Sprinkes, and he's certainly colorful like sprinkles, wasn't too hard to figure out who you were looking for. Also, well, he was... He was sort of ruining my picnic." The Nimmo pointed awkwardly back over his shoulder at a mess strewn all over a blanket on the grass, an empty picnic basket laying on its side nearby.

"Oh no, oh Sprinkles why!" Cyntrithyn groaned in exasperation. "Did you happen to have any Doughnutfruit in that basket? He loves those, he's absolutely crazy about them!".

"Yeah actually, I did!" The Nimmo confirmed as he rubbed his chin, marveling at the Gruslen's clear love of the fruit. "Guess that explains things."

"Ugh, Sprinkles, you can't just take other people's things! I don't care how tasty Doughnutfruit is!" She scolded him.

The Rainbow Grulsen's tongue hung out lazily from his mouth and he stared clulelessly at her, his bushy tail wagging happily as he licked her again. Cyn rolled her eyes, but she couldn't help but smile. "I'm so sorry." She said sheepishly to the Nimmo. "He's a little troublemaker, always getting into things that he has no business being in. I don't know how he keeps getting away, it's baffling."

The Nimmo smiled understandingly. "No worries, I was almost done eating anyway. And I must admit, he is cute." The Kougra nodded profusely, holding Sprinkles up in front of the kind Nimmo. Sprinkles blinked, his eyes temporarily crossing as he gave another inquisitive "Grooowr?" and tilted his head. The Nimmo chuckled and reached out to pet Sprinkles, causing him to purr.

"How can you stay mad at that face!" Cyn remarked, grinning.

"I don't think anyone could. Besides, it's a lovely day at the park! I think this little rascal deserves to enjoy it just as much as anyone else." The Nimmo replied, and they both had a good laugh.

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