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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Hades
Owner: hshtagcoffee
Pet Name: Yazre
Breed: Darigan Meepit

About Hades:
Scrambling quickly in the opposite direction of angry howling, his tiny chest heaves in exertion.

For once, he is frightened. This place is not like the others he’d tried to make home. The too hot place, the one covered all the time in snow, and the bright one filled to the brim with pets and their people. All of them had been unwelcoming.

The darkness of this place had promised safety but it seemed there were other, bigger things than him that felt the same way.

As he clambers into the bushes with a too loud rustle, he wonders where else he could possibly try if not here where the creatures looked most like himself. It’s a shame the island hadn’t worked out. The ride to and from had been difficult and he’d liked the abundance of flowers covering the land.

A pleasant noise starts suddenly in the distance. Singing, he thinks, but the kind without the words. And maybe it’s a bad idea but it’s the most welcoming thing to happen since he found himself in these woods so he doesn’t think twice before crawling in the direction of the sound.

Soft light breaks the darkness as he peeks cautiously out of the bushes, a large house standing tall and strangely welcoming in the moonlight. He ignores that though for a smaller glass building to the side where the singing appears to be coming from, heading for it to investigate the noise.

He finds himself surrounded by flowers of all kinds, some native to this place and others so obviously not in the way their colors clash brightly among the rest. Some he recognizes from the island, thriving here in the dark as well as they had in the sun. The reason is obvious; tending to them so carefully is a pet like some he’s seen before but…not.

The pet is warped, its horns twisting unnaturally, but he looks so at home here. He flaps his tiny wings curiously, examining them and then looking back at the pet. Perhaps he is not out of place here.

Climbing up a table leg not far from the pet, he stands tall on his hind legs with his paws against the edge of a flowerpot for balance. He tries to lean closer to hear more of the pet’s song but smacks forward into the table as the pot is pushed to the floor. It shatters, dirt exploding everywhere and the singing halts.

He tries to scramble again, to get away before he’s noticed but the pet is already leaning down, resting it’s head on the front hooves he places on the table.

“Oh, hello.”

He stares back, frozen in terror.

“Not a lot to say, huh? I can understand that. You like the flowers?”

He blinks. It’s the majority of his communication abilities. The pet laughs, reaching past him before placing something on his head. He chances a glance up. It is a circle of flowers, tiny enough to fit around the top of his head. They’re lovely, he conveys as much with a single “Meep.”

The pet laughs again, folding his arms.

“You can stick around but I’m gonna need you to help with the flowers instead of…well, making them explode. Sound like a plan?”

He blinks. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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