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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Spiky
Owner: alli_draggy
Pet Name: winn_a_lot
Breed: Glowing Stego

About Spiky:
Winn_a_lot had just gotten out of an exhilarating training session at the Swashbuckling Academy. Admiring his ever-increasing muscles, he smiled to himself. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a Petpet skittering away from him.

A Stego was looking at winn_a_lot with the same confused expression with which he was looking at it. As winn_a_lot stooped to pick it up, it released a barrage of green quills at him. It didn't do much of anything against the Darigan Grarrl's thick, scale-covered hide, harmlessly bouncing off it, but did distract him enough that he put the Stego down.

"Hey, little guy! What's a Petpet like you doing here? This is no place for something like you! Come on, I'll take you home with me." The Stego writhed and squirmed as it was lifted in winn_a_lot's huge hands. It considered releasing quills again, but decided against it, remembering that it wasn't very effective the last time.

Winn_a_lot ran to The Golden Dubloon, where his sister, Kasandaria, was absentmindedly sipping a glass of their famous Land Lubber cocktail.

"Hey, Kasandaria! Look who I found on my way back from training!" He shoved the Stego in Kasandaria's face, causing it to release its quills again. Kasandaria regarded the Petpet with some interest.

"Hmm. Cute. I'm not sure what he's doing on Krawk Island, but those quills might do really interesting things in a Petpet battle." Kasandaria turned her back on winn_a_lot, deciding her food was more interesting than the conversation they were having.

"A Petpet...battle?" Winn_a_lot looked at the tiny creature that was now sleeping in his hands. How could he send that poor, innocent Petpet into a battle?

Kasandaria finally realized winn_a_lot had asked her a question. "Yeah. Started during the Lord Kass administration, but they happen everywhere. One Neopet's Petpet fights another Neopet's Petpet. Occasionally spectators place bets. Pretty straightforward, really. Want to try one? Deathsnake's looking for some exercise and I know pirates love a good fight."

Winn_a_lot had to consider that. He remembered Deathsnake, Kasandaria’s Stealthy Magtile. It had won the Petpet Spotlight once, since Kasandaria entered it, since she needed to dote on the ugly reptile in every possible way. Not only did it posess venomous fangs and a willingness to bite, there was also a razor sharp blade on its tail that could cut through wood like butter. But he also knew that although her Petpet was strong, Kasandaria was stronger and would probably inflict more pain on him than her Petpet would on his Stego if he refused her request to battle.

“Okay! I’ll bring my best game as long as you bring yours!” He readied the Stego, who shivered, hiding behind one of winn_a_lot’s legs. “Come on, little guy! You can do it! Just do that quill thing you did a few minutes ago!”

Kasandaria smirked, fangs gleaming. A few Golden Dubloon regulars sitting around them started getting excited, throwing Dubloons into pools betting on either Petpet, most of them going towards Deathsnake, except for one female Shoyru who wholeheartedly insisted that the Stego would win. Winn_a_lot hoped she was right, for his Petpet’s and his own sake. This brooding was, however, interrupted by Kasandaria’s yell.

“Deathsnake, go in for a headshot!” The Magtile responded to her command instantly, shooting into motion like some sort of massive, living spring toy.

“Spiky, do that quill thing now! Try to get it in midair before its headshot hits!” The Stego adamantly refused, though, instead dodging to the left, leaving Deathsnake’s fangs sinking into the wood of the floor. “Okay, I guess that works too! Just keep dodging and eventually it’ll get tired!”

The Stego obeyed this command. It continued dodging Deathsnake’s blows, with an increasing crowd of spectators getting more excited and Kasandaria getting more frustrated every time it did so. Kasandaria eventually picked up her Petpet and slithered up to winn_a_lot, glaring at him the whole way.

“All right. I don’t want to waste Deathsnake’s energy, so let’s just stop this battle. That Stego of yours is certainly interesting. Maybe if you trained it, it might actually be worth keeping. Spiky, you called it? Maybe I’d believe that if I saw some spikes.” Kasandaria started slithering back up to her table to reclaim her drink, but the Stego let out an outraged squeak, firing a quill straight into Kasandaria’s leathery wing. She turned to look at it, grabbing her drink and then leaving.

“Great job, Spiky! You really showed her, even if you didn’t show her Magtile. Come on , let’s go home so I can start training you.” Winn_a_lot grabbed the Petpet and left, smiling and stroking the Petpet the whole way.

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