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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Pip
Owner: kazemas
Pet Name: Lustamine
Breed: Black Anubis

About Pip:
As you walk calmly in the park, where all the neopets take their petpets for a walk and have fun, you come face to face with an abnormally large monster of mud. Before you have time and call the defenders of neopia, you notice that it is just a dirty mud-covered petpet. A really big petpet.

Looking at the grouchy thing, you decide to take it to the protective petpet league, after all he should not be alone and abandoned like that, right? But as you picks it up, you have a glimpse of a purple bug jumping furiously at the petpet's head, making a horrible noise until you release the mutt. But, incredible as it may seem, when the petpet is back on the ground, the purple bug is nowhere to be found. What was this? An xweetok?

As you approach the petpet again, you hear the same annoying sound, again without finding the source of it, and then decide to let it go.

Pip is a big black anubis. She have a great heart, great personality and is relatively large for a normal petpet, but the first thing you will notice is that in comparison to her owner (if you can find him), is that Pip is giant. You really can't tell who the neopet is and who the petpet is.

Pip went as a gift from the unknown to Lustamine. The mutt appeared out of nowhere, all grumpy, hungry and covered in mud. Instead of trying to eat the little scared neopet, (as most do with the poor petpetpets) she followed him everywhere, until the neopet realized (and now lost the fear) that she just wanted company. For Lustamine's good fortune, Pip isn't really interested in eating him, but she will eat everything that the little ixi try to eat (Lustamine now needs to hide to eat so Pip won't disturb him). What initially was a frightening experience, became a great nuisance to later become a great friendship. The two are inseparable: Lustamine being so small that he's confused by a petpetpet, would normally be stepped on by all these normal neopets if he tried to walk alone, and Pip, relatively large in comparison to the normal petpets, is extremely protective of her owner. Pip has a need for incredible affection, both to give and to receive. Besides, she loves to play in the mud. She is the perfect petpet for a small, lonely neopet, isn't her?

You can find Pip at least three times a week strolling through the park and rolling in the mud, always accompanied by Lustamine, but you probably will not be able to spot him with the same frequency, as he doesn't like to be seen at all...

But don't worry, you can play with her! She loves to! But remember, just don't pick her up, or you may expose Lustamine's cover, which is usually by the petpet's collar. He won't be glad if you do!

...Neopia really is strange.

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