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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Dekiza and Difola
Owner: jmo7692
Pet Name: Duizida
Breed: Faerie Whoot

About Dekiza and Difola:
Hey Dekiza and Difola, guess what?!?!?!

Dekiza: "What what what?!"
Difola: "Yeah, what's going on...tell us right now!!!"

The Petpet Spotlight is finally back up and running again!!!

Dekiza: "For real???"
Difola: "Are you serious???"

Yup girls, it's finally time to get you both the trophy we talked about long ago! Awhile back, I managed to get Duizida the trophy with the Pet Spotlight so now it's your turn with the Petpet Spotlight!

Dekiza: "How how how???"
Difola: "Yeah...what she said!"

Well, I'm going to do the same thing I did when I helped get Duizida her trophy, I'm going to give you both an interview and ask you a few questions!

Dekiza: "...that's it?"
Difola: "o_O"

Oh come on girls, you have to work with me on this...I know you both want the nice shiny gold trophy!

Dekiza: "'re right, we're sorry!"
Difola: "Yeah we both do really want to get the trophy!"

That's the spirit...alright so were shall we begin with this interview?

Dekiza: "Well, you can start by asking us something..."
Difola: "Yeah...bring on the first question already!!!"

Alright alright, sooo....ummm....what what do you both like doing for fun?

Dekiza: "I love anything that involves flying! The way I fly way up high and then start to's amazing!"
Difola: "I really like getting piggy back rides from Dekiza...she's really fun!"

That's great girls, alright next question...Of all the Faerie's in Neopia, which one is your favorite and why?

Dekiza: "Well for me, I would have to pick the Air Faerie because she's girly and I'm girly...and yeah!"
Difola: "I have always liked Queen Fyora the most because she's the closest to pink like me!"

Girly and almost pink...good gracious hahaha! Alright next question...what is the best thing you like about each other?

Dekiza: "I love how Difola is always there for me and is always by my side to keep me company!"
Difola: "Dekiza is always there for me, too! She makes me so happy every single day!"

Awww you girls are so sweet! Alright, one more question left with this interview...why do you hope to win the Petpet Spotlight?

Dekiza: "For me, it would be an honor to win...and I can't lie...I want that trophy so bad! Duizida has one and I want one too!"
Difola: "I agree with Dekiza...exactly what she said!"

Well, there you have it, girls! The interview is now complete and I will submit it and hopefully later on you both will get the trophy you have wanted for so long!

Dekiza: "Alright, yay!"
Difola: "Sounds good!"

Oh wait, before I can submit this interview, I have to draw a quick picture of you both real quick! Ok, Dekiza, you stand there, and Difola, stand on her right side right there! Ok, now both of you, will you please fly up a little...ok perfect stay right there...ok done!!!

Dekiza: "Ok ok ok please submit it already!"
Difola: "Yeah, please hurry! Oh and thanks for interviewing us!"

Sounds good girls and it was not a problem at all...*submits*

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