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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Bolt
Owner: lacy861
Pet Name: Froggity
Breed: Surzard

About Bolt:
Froggity sat alone on her lily pad, as she often does. The quiet of the day relaxed her as she watched the little insects dance and cheer, putting on a show for the world. She found herself loving every minute of it, engrossed in the love, friendships, and betrayals of the swamp insects.

Fully thrown into today’s antics, where Cassy has found out that her twin sister stole from the feast and framed her for it, Froggity paid no attention to the world around her. Nothing could rip her from the shocking twists she just knows are coming. Not even the little dips and splashes behind her.

Out of Froggity’s vision, and far outside of her attention, plays a little Surzard. Jumping off leaves, biting at every little thing, it was enjoying its time in the swamp. It swam to the bottom and back up, racing against its own shadow. It bolted from one end of the swamp to the other, barely coming up for air. It was having the time of its life.

After one of its many races, it climbed to the top of a gnarly old tree. It nestled into a spot that overlooked the entire swamp, watching the world and looking for its next game.

Then it spotted Froggity. Sitting quietly on her own, watching the insects play out their lives. The Surzard crept down from the tree, slid into the water, and swam to right behind Froggity. It looked around, even inching right to the edge of the lily pad, but no response. Froggity was far too into the insects to notice the Surzard.

The Surzard began to test Froggity’s attention. Nibbling at the lily pad, chirping, and even squirting some water her way. Nothing. The most the Surzard got was a blink.

So, he went overboard; or, that is, he made Froggity go overboard. Taking the lily pad in its mouth, the Surzard yanked it and pulled it down, making Froggity topple backwards into the water.

Drenched and confused, Froggity resurfaced to find the culprit. And then it hit her. Right in the knees. Then the stomach. Gently, the Surzard was playing around with Froggity in the water, making her turn and leap and go wild.

Then it surfaced again, going back to racing across the swamp. This time, Froggity was an obstacle. It jumped and leapt, twirling around the air and on Froggity’s head. She finally began to see and understand what was going on. It was just a fun-loving little Surzard, a new friend for Froggity.

She watched it play as she climbed back on to her lily pad, getting back into a comfortable position. The Surzard joined her after finishing a few more races, climbing on to her back and not taking even a moment to rest.

“You’re a playful one, huh?” She giggled and smiled, poking at the Surzard. “Alright, how about we give you a name?”

It bound across the lily pad, back through the water, and returned to Froggity’s side, with nonstop energy and excitement.

“Haha! Okay, then. Hm. How about Bolt?” She gave the Surzard a little snuggle and watched as it returned to playing. Flipping and swimming, jumping and climbing. She had a new exciting friend, and new adventures to fill her once quiet and lonely life.

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