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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Squeee
Owner: lizziloo87
Pet Name: Seance1
Breed: Halloween Huggy

About Squeee:
How Squeee met Seance1,

Seance1 was not always a dark creature. In fact, she was a beautiful jolly snow Xweetok. In her innocence, she was fascinated by pirates and gladly accepted the pirate Harris that was given to her as a special gift for her birthday.

She named him Chopper and they loved to play with each other. Everyday was rainbows and sunshine. Even regular dung turned into rainbow dung whenever they played together. Nothing was ever less than perfect. Smiles were an everyday occurrence.

Then, unexpectedly, it happened. Everything changed for Seance1. Her whole world flipped upside down. All in one single night.

She woke up to find her beautiful snowy paws turned into a, elegant, fluffy blue. When she looked into her mirror she saw glowing orange empty eyes, and HUGE horns on her head and wings. Actual wings.

"What's going on?!" Seance1 exclaimed loudly, turning around and expecting her best friend, Chopper, to be there.

But Chopper was no where to be found. Panic engulfed her and frantically, she began to search around her room. She searched high and low, but Chopper had vanished.

Suddenly a creature came flying out of her closet! It had wings, big yellow eyes with blood red pupils. It landed gracefully on her bed post.

"Who are you?!" yelped Seance1, surprised.

"Name's Squeee. Three e's." The petpet said, "I'm a huggy. I suppose you'd like to tell me who you are now?" It was more of a statement than a question, really.

Seance1 gulped. She fell speechless, nothing seemed to make sense.

"Well, then. I guess not. In any case, I'll be staying here and so will my petpetpet as well. He's a scriblet and does bite sometimes. But he doesn't bite Darigan creatures, so I had to change you."

After quite a scary conversation, Seance1 learned that the swamp ghouls stole Chopper and that he's somewhere in the haunted woods, hidden and alone. Squeee wasn't at fault though, to her relief. He had been a messenger. He came to help save her favorite friend. And along the way, she made one more.

To this day, Seance1 and Squeee are dedicated to finding little Chopper. Each night they feed the Scriblet (to prevent it from biting the other four pets in the house) and travel into the Haunted Woods.

One of Squeee's favorite things to do is to help others, although it would be hard to guess that. This is because he has a very straight forward and to the point personality. He isn't the friendliest of creatures, but he just may be the loyalest.

And one thing is for sure, he is very excited to meet Chopper. Since he means so much to Seance1, perhaps he'll make a perfect companion for him and Scriblet too!

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