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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Dreamie
Owner: babycupcake_1
Pet Name: Commander_Cupcake
Breed: Birthday Hasee

About Dreamie:
Introducing the wonderful, the spectacular: DREAMIE!!

Hiya Everyone! My name is Dreamie and I belong to Commander_Cupcake, who is exactly what she sounds like: Commander of the Cupcake Army. By Army I mean just me and Commander, but like who’s to say how many qualify to be an “army” anyway – purely subjective. As members of the Army our duties include: watching over all the cupcakes in babycupcake_1’s gallery and keeping them safe from the sticky hands of passing pets. I say together but really, I just mean Commander, I’m way too lazy to do much chasing these days.

I can usually be found – or not found – hiding among all the cupcakes. Ya know some even say me looks like a cupcake, I think I look a bit more like a dream but I’m not complaining! Funny story, I actually got the name Dreamie because Commander is babycupcake_1’s dream pet from when she was a little girl – and me, well I am the perfect matching petpet for Commader who protects the cupcakes, obviously. *Flips non-existing hair over shoulder*

We have a game Commander and I, very fun for me. Commander calls it “training” pft it’s a GAME that’s why it’s available in the GAMES ROOM, usually called Kacheek Seek! Anyway, I go hide and Commander wonders around trying to find me. Me? Oh, I enjoy it, it’s easy for me to blend in and have a snooze as Commander marches around taking notes. She takes her “training” waaaaaaay too seriously! I mean the girl needs to take a load off and actually hit the games room occasionally. Sometimes we play and I don’t tell Commander – OOPS SORRY, but you need to learn how to have more fun!

I have to be careful not to be eaten by mistake round here. I mean when you see someone hungry and you know you look like food it gets kind of scary. I need a cage for my own protection! I might need to go visit the Kadoatery and pick me up a spare cage. I mean what’s a pet to do? My safety is at stake!

Despite Commander’s inability to have a lot of fun, I do love her a lot. She has kept me safe so far, and she really strives to be good at her job. I think maybe I need to start a cupcake war to cheer her up. I could be the invader and steal the cupcakes just so Commander can show off her talents. Or maybe I need to invest in a Cupcake Catapult! Launch a war to end all wars!

Oh, and just imagine the FASHIONS I could have fun with if we had a war! I could look quite stunning dressed as a villain. Note to self: browse fashions in the NC Mall as inspiration.

Anyway, anyway! I know I got a bit lost there, but when the thought train is running, you must follow. Stay tuned we may have a part two in the Battleground of the Obelisk – there might be an even bigger war with Cupcake Catapults and Cupcake bombs… might need to stock up on Battle Muffins too.
*starts plotting war in tiny frosting covered notepad*

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