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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Ixius
Owner: kako144555
Pet Name: Calyira
Breed: Fire Kazeriu

About Ixius:
I taught her how to sing with flickering flames, and she taught me to sing with the million sounds of the sea. Nobody would have predicted our friendship. In fact, I almost could not believe it when it happened. Whoever heard of a seadweller befriending a Kazeriu born from flames? Like every myth in the old story books, our friendship could never have survived.

Luckily, we choose our own path in this world. And I chose Calyira.

She was born in the depths of Maraqua. A happy Peophin, she never once imagined leaving her beloved sea. One day, a beautiful Faerie granted her the gift of flight. Calyira found herself soaring through the skies of Neopia, proudly flashing her shimmery wings. She loved the way her mane blew in the breeze. But her true love was the sea, and she returned to it often.

One day, Calyira flew past Shenkuu. I had been outside all day, playing with my friends. We were young Kazeriu, barely able to imagine a world beyond our peaceful home. I had never seen a Peophin before, let alone a flying Peophin. My friend pointed skyward, crying, "Look! Look!"

I felt my flames burn brighter. She was so powerful and strong, yet graceful and elegant. She never once hesitated in the air. She twirled effortlessly; she flew upside down while smiling. Her long, sturdy tail flapped in the air like a kite's wing. I wanted to be just like her.

She disappeared behind the trees before I could call out to her. My friends resumed their play, but I was too distracted. Could I someday fly so gracefully? Could I become as strong as the beautiful Faerie Peophin overhead? I hoped that she would return someday so that I could see her fly once more.

My wish was granted a few weeks later. The second time Calyira flew overhead, I immediately ran for the nearest tree. I slithered up its bending branches as quickly as I dared, careful to control my flames lest my tree burn before I could reach its peak.

"Lady Faerie!" I called as loud as I could, but Calyira could not hear me. She banked left, flying straight for a bold Shenkuu cloud. Suddenly afraid that she would continue on her way and never see me, I let out a big burst of flame. My fire burned so brightly that my friends shielded their eyes. Calyira noticed. She flittered down to my level, tilting her head as me as I perched on my tree.

"Lady," I said breathlessly, reverently, "My name is Ixius, and I have admired you for weeks. May I ask how you fly?"

"I will show you," she smiled. "My name is Calyira. Please, climb on my shoulder."

She took me high into the sky, showing me the world below. We soared above the trees and over the lands. We saw Neopians of all shapes and sizes. Finally, she brought me into a deep dive over the waters of Maraqua. Before I knew what happened, I fainted.

When I awoke, Calyira was standing above me, worried. She patted my forehead tenderly with her hoof.

"Little Ixius," she said, "I am so sorry. Your flame went out when we dove under water. I did not think you would fall ill; I only wanted to show you my home."

An old, wise Nimmo approached us. His beard nearly reached the floor. He spoke quietly with Calyira while I recovered, and then he knelt down beside me.

"Ixius," he said, "I would like to propose a way for you to join your friend in her Maraquan home."

He whispered a spell over a jar and pressed it into Calyira's knapsack. When we reached the water's edge, she stopped on the beach. I wriggled in the sand, pleased with its warmth against my scales. She giggled at my antics, then she took the jar from its hiding place. Calyira took a deep breath and blew against the liquid in the jar. A gigantic bubble formed! Calyira blew the bubble directly at me, enclosing me in its rubbery surface. I tucked myself in the tiniest ball I could manage, but Calyira shook her head.

"Relax!" She poked at the bubble with her hoof. "It is strong. You will be safe in here. When we go under the water, your flame will not perish. And when we are through with our visit, I must simply add one secret ingredient and the bubble will vanish."

"What is the secret ingredient?" I asked, bopping the bubble with my nose.

"Sugar!" She laughed. "Come on, Ixius. Let's go home."

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