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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sarsaparilla
Owner: islandmami15
Pet Name: Huckerbilly
Breed: Rock

About Sarsaparilla:
Well, howdy. Mighty pleased to make yer acquaintance. The name's Sarsaparilla, and this here's my travellin' companion, Huckerbilly. We don't come across many strangers out here, but it sure is nice to run into a friendly face. Yer looking a bit peckish. We aint got much, but we'd be happy to share a can o' beans and a few slices of beef jerky with ya.

Careful where ya sit, now. It won't make this visit much fun if yer sittin' yerself down on one of them prickly cactai. Or even worse, gettin' yerself bit by an aggitated reptillior. I've heard stories bout folks who wrangled with them reptilliors and not one makes for a winsome tale.

Being out here can get pretty lonely, especially when you've only got yourself and yer travellin' companion fer company, and well.. maybe the occasional echo off the canyon walls. It can really make ya feel down in the muck at times, but we git along just fine fer the most part. That's why it sure is nice talkin' to a new face today.

I bet you'd enjoy some music. Huckerbilly can sure play one humdinger of a tune on his harmonica. I've never been very good at carrying a tune, but feel free to hum along if ya know the song. The coyotes round these parts like to join in too, most evenin's.

I'll bet ya could use something to wet yer whistle after that helpin' of chow. Yer welcome to a cup of pioneer tea. Huckerbilly likes to flavor it with a pinch o' gun powder. It's got one heck of a bang to it, but it'll keep ya hydrated. That's a real important thing to remember out here on the trail. Keepin' hydrated, on account of how hot it is out here most days. The nights can get real chilly though.

Speaking of cold nights, are ya warm enough? Why don'cha mosey on down a bit closer to the fire. I bet we've got an extra saddle blanket or two in the wagon ya could borrow if'n yer needin' it. I've never needed one myself to be honest, I'm pretty well suited for outdoor livin'. But yer looking plum worn out if ya ask me, partner.

I apologize if my ramblin' on has ya feelin' tiresome. Can't hardly help it seeing as we don't get many visitors out this way. Huckerbilly and I are ridin' out early tomorrow mornin'. Yer welcome to stay on and get some rest. I Figure you could really use it. Afterall, folk's might think ya dense if you continue talkin' to ordinary rocks like this. Even on the trail, it just aint considered normal. I hear the next town over has a rather good Doc. Ya may consider checkin' in, cause yer crazy as a loon!

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