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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Bumble and Bombus
Owner: xxsicklullabiesxx
Pet Name: Aekku
Breed: Clay Buzzer

About Bumble and Bombus:
Spring days were one of the most peaceful things that Aekku could think of. The sun shone down on his scales, warming him with a wave of happiness. The sweet smell of peonies wafted from the Nearby Meadow and reminded the chubby Skeith just exactly why he loved living alone in the nature. Through the canopy, the faint chirps of Beekadoodles and the croaks of the Crokabeks could be heart. Carefree, the misunderstood mutant could mosey around as much as he liked.

Today was just like any other. Aekku woke up surrounded by soft flowers. He scratched his tummy, rolling over and shaking the pollen off as he began his day. First he wandered down to The River and splashed around in the water. With so much mud and foliage around, you're certain to get dirty so Aekku made it a routine to keep his pink scales shiny and clean. Next it was time for lunch, which usually entailed locating some ripe strawberries and golden juppies from deep within The Glade. The rest of the day was spent laying in the sun - basking in the rays until it was time to go to sleep and begin the day again. Yeah, life was simple in The Forest, unlike Aekku's old life back in Meridell, but it sure was lonely. Not many Neopians dare come into The Forest and the ones that do don't venture nearly as far as Aekku lives. It felt like years since he had someone to talk to.

"Oh jeez. Maybe it was this way", a small voice was heard nearby. Aekku thought he was crazy. A voice this far in The Forest? Can't be.

"Or maybe it was that way?", Aekku swore he heard it again - this time louder than before.

"No I already passed that tree. I can't be lost!" This time, Aekku was certain that there was a voice and sure enough, a small and frazzled clay Buzzer came popping out from the thick brush. He sounded as if he'd taken a wrong turn somewhere through The Forest.

"...Um, excuse me", Aekku squeaked from behind a log. "I think I overheard you say you're lost?" Aekku was so nervous to talk to the little petpet. His voice cracked and quivered, but then again, he hadn't really spoke in...well, years.

The Buzzer flew up excitedly. "Oh golly! I'm sure glad there is a local here. You see I..." the Buzzer rambled on and on about how he wandered into The Forest just for a quick shortcut to get to a relatives house, but got lost quite a bit in. Now, he can't get out. In the midst of rambling, the petpet explained that his name is Bumble! Certainly fitting for a Buzz, Aekku thought.

"I, uh. I haven't left The Forest in years", the mutant Skeith confessed. "I came here to get away from other Neopians. Why would anybody want to deal with that on the daily?"

Bumble thought for a second and went to retort, but taking a step back, he seemed to question what he was going to say. A few moments of awkward silence passed and the clay Buzzer pulled on the collar of his tiny little turtleneck he was wearing. "Gee... I never thought of it that way," he finally replied, "I guess you're right."

Bumble took a second and sat on the log. He needed to catch his breath and let it all soak in. Aekku crept close and put his hand around him. "I get you bud. It's tough realizing that the world isn't so great. But life in The Forest is great!" Just as Bumble had rambled on about how he got lost, Aekku gushed about how much he loved living in The Forest. He told Bumble about the morning baths and the sun rays. He told him about the flowers and the Crokabeks. He went on for ages about the sweetness of the strawberries.

"Okay, okay, okay!" Bumble finally cut the Skeith off. "I get it. This place is great." The Buzz flew in a circle for a few minutes - apparently that's how he paces - and then looked at Aekku with the biggest grin. "Okay. I'm sure my relatives won't miss me that much. I mean, we haven't really spoken much anyway and they usually just assume I'm too busy to invite me to anything anyway, so I'll stay here..." Aekku got excited and went to speak, but putting his hand up, the coy clay Buzzer cut him off "...but on one condition!"

Aekku tilted his head at him and cluelessly asked "and what condition is that?"

The Buzz smiled the biggest smile and clutched his little hands to his chest. "You have to be my best friend forever!"

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