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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: bling
Owner: flufflepuff
Pet Name: Moiry
Breed: Golden Oscillabot

About bling:
“And that’s the last of it,” Mo finishes tying the blanket around the stick, and another one around me. I whirr and look up at her uncertainly. My golden glow would definitely make me stick out in the darkness, and while the blanket would help with that, it wouldn’t help with everything.

“Bling, you’ll be great. Just play nice and bring something back."

I nod with my entire body, shifting the blanket around me a little bit before stepping into the darkness. One step. Nothing happens. Another step. And another.

It doesn’t become less scary, but it becomes easier. All it is is a lot of stairs going down into deeper and deeper darkness, and my body gives off a little less light with every step.

Pretty soon I almost can’t see a claw in front of my face. I beep and whirr with trepidation. At this point I’m ready to go back up without anything.

But to see Mo’s disappointed, or even angry’s even more scary than the darkness. Ice can be even colder when it’s alive. Whimpering, I wrap the blanket tighter around myself and enter a nearby room, which seems quiet.

No eyes on me. The room is filled with all sorts of golden trinkets, things Mo, no doubt, would love to see...but they all look like me. Shiny. Valuable. Almost illuminating the whole room. She might even want to replace me with one of them.

I leave without taking anything.

Another nearby room has a large door but I have faith in my robotic strength. I push it open gently and am greeted by many hooded figures, none of whose faces I can see.

I am swiftly grabbed and beep in alarmed protests, but the tone of their voices doesn’t sound all that bad...

“Why, I haven’t seen anything brighter than this little guy since that curse we placed onto that awfully rude adventurer! Can we keep it?” One of the figures looks expectantly to a much more ominous figure.

Keep it? Oh dear. My alarms go off like mad, causing others to edge away from me. Hmm. That has to be it.

I beep in a rhythmic fashion, causing the ominous figure to shake its head. “This guy sounds almost as if he is about to explode. We must remove him from our presence at once.”

Everyone is so busy discussing my fate that they don’t notice a trembling claw latch onto a pastry and hide it in the blanket I’m wearing.

In fact, they don’t seem to notice me at all. I quietly edge out the door, noticing a little light slipping with it.

I can’t stay here any longer. I’ve got something for Mo, but really can’t stand another second of this darkness. Of this mystery. This blanket’s all I have left of the surface...

But the stairs no longer seem straightforward. They turn, they go down as well as up, and soon, I am lost.

It gets only worse once I hit a dirt wall.

But I don’t give up just yet.


Finally, sunlight.

But I can scarcely revel in it for long before a Maraquan Grackle bug pulls me through a hole!

I beep and protest and get ready to fight but stop once I realize it’s Mo’s sister and her petpet! I blink. Sunlight is difficult to take in, making everything appear green.

It’s not a trick--everything is green! I slowly realize that I’ve somehow dug, not knowing how long it would take, right to the Symol Hole in Meridell.

“What are you doing here, Bling?” the Poogle asks, concern in her eyes. “Never mind, let’s just get you home.”

I look at the dirt-covered pastry still in one claw, and brush off a crumb or two.

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