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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Parmon
Owner: rielcz
Pet Name: Thornberry36750
Breed: Altachuck

About Parmon:
This was it. This was the moment he was waiting for.

This is what he'd spent over two years searching for.

Braving the darkness. Braving the cobwebs. Braving the curses.

Braving the Catacombs.

Risking his life... and for what? Thornberry, his owner? Sure, he loved her and all, but he seemed almost to spend as much time in the Catacombs as in the outside world.

But no longer.

There it was. Here it was.

His ticket out of the Catacombs.

Parmon reached out to grab the golden star, glowing immaculately as though possessed by forces he could not comprehend, nor hope to ever understand. He just understood there was something precious about this artifact, something more precious than the commonplace books and plushies. Sure, there were paintbrushes here too, but he had never seen one.

The Altachuk took the gilded piece. He raised it, and felt a surge of energy unlike anything he had ever felt before.

This thing had energy. Power.

He let it slip through his paws and back onto the cold concrete floor. A large metallic thud emanated through the corridor.

And then he started to recall.

He recalled his past adventures in the Catacombs. He remembered the time the young cultist had asked for his help retrieving a ball that had fallen into a cave, and he had done just that and made her so happy. And then her father, leader of the cult, wanted to make Parmon the cult's mascot.

He remembered the time he was being chased by a horde of mummies, and, cowering in fear at a dead end, he came to the realization they were only trying to return the cupcake he'd dropped. And then they bundled him up in some bandages to protect him against the cold on levels further down.

He even thought of when he found that peanut. That was a good peanut. Elephantes knew where it was at.

In many respects, the Catacombs had become almost a second home.

And what about his first home?

"Don't worry Parmon, just do your best, you'll never disappoint me!" Thornberry would exclaim with a hug before dropping him on the front steps. She was no stranger to the Haunted Woods, being a Korbat. "One day you'll grow up all big and brave!"

And then when the Altachuck was done, Thornberry would pick him up, take him home, give him a bath, rub shampoo through his matted fur...

Then she'd sometimes make popcorn to commemorate his triumphant return, even if the items he'd usually find to take home weren't the best.

Like the shell of that peanut.

Somehow, in the span of however long he stood staring at the golden star, he had gone from spite to sweetness at the thought of adventuring through the Catacombs.

Would the star really cause his adventures to cease? Would Thornberry stop sending him to the Catacombs upon this return; a return much more than "triumphant", but truly legendary in its end result?

The Altachuck decided, in the end, he didn't want to take that chance.

With a resolute frown, he trotted away from the golden star.


Grinning, he returned and grabbed the gilded object, feeling its power once more as his eyes went alight.

Yes, he would keep it for now. Hide it under his belly fur.

Keeping one secret from his owner wasn't really that bad a thing, was it?

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