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Petpet Name: Wove & Heart
Owner: scechoi
Pet Name: Vawentime
Breed: Plushie Slorg

About Wove & Heart:
Vawentime gently lifted her best friend onto her lap, carefully poking the stuffing back into the hole he managed to rip on his side, gently prodding the needle back and forth for a quick fix.

"You know, you really ought to be more careful, Wove. You're not like the other petpets. You're... special," she lectured him, for what felt like the fiftieth time that week.

Wove nodded in agreement but his eager glance outside at the big tree quickly gave him away. He'd been trying to climb that tree with the other slorgs for weeks. There were little bits of cotton wedged in the bark, marking numerous attempts. Vawentime followed his stare and felt her heart sink. She knew he wanted to be just like all the other slorgs, and he deserved to be like them. She was going to make his dream come true, once and for all! As she glanced up in thought, she saw a rather large Lady Blurg that had gotten caught in her room, buzzing around. "C'mon, Wove," she said, grinning, "I've got a plan."


Vawentime carefully checked that the strap was secure around her best friend. It had taken quite a bit of work, but her special invention was finished. She coaxed the Lady Blurg down, and asked if they would mind helping her and Wove out. She then created a strap system, with which the little bug could lift the light slorg slowly into the air, and up wherever their dreams would find them. They did several test flights inside, and it went amazingly. However, this would be the first attempt outside, and Vawentime was very nervous she got Wove's hopes up for nothing. She gave the little bug a shaky thumbs up, and they slowly took to the air, slack tightening on the harness as they flew.

"Yes, yes!" Vawentime shouted out as Wove took to the skies. He marveled at the amazing world all around them. He could see the roof of his house and the tops of all the other trees. It felt like he was on a cloud.

Before his excitement could wain, they were inside the main area of the big tree, where all the other slorgs were crowded around. Wove gleefully shrieked, and all the other slorgs cheered in response. Finally, their friend could join them in the highest part of the big tree. Here, the Bogie Berries were the ripest and most delicious in all of Neopia, and they're a slorg favorite. Wove was able to hang with his friends until the sun set, feasting on delicious berries and exchanging stories.


The room was mostly dark, other than the flicker of candlelight from the small canister on the end table. Vawentime yawned and rolled over, catching a glimpse of her best friend. The little plushie slorg was smiling in his sleep, evidence of the amazing day he had. A buzz in her ear turned into a Lady Blurg blocking her field of view. They were smiling, too.

"Thank you so much for helping my friend today. That took a lot of heart," Vawentime earnestly told them. The Lady Blurg blushed an even deeper red. "I don't know a good way to thank you."

The Lady Blurg lightly snuggled into Vawentime's pillow, and fell into a peaceful slumber. She let out an unexpected giggle, stopping as not to wake her new friend.

"I guess we're keeping you, then! Welcome to the family, Heart."

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