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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Lawrence
Owner: pets_rock_8
Pet Name: Therias
Breed: Snow Wherfy

About Lawrence:
At the base of a blistering mountain range, the edge of the Haunted Woods is well known for receiving snowy mountain weather from time to time. The icy wind howls through the dark woods and seeks to freeze the creatures that dare to venture too far from the tourist-attracting Haunted Woods, Gypsy Camp, and Fairgrounds. This is no place for curiosity. There is nothing to see but frozen woods that seem to go on forever, and a wrong turn could lead you into a blizzard. In a blizzard, the sight range of the edge of these woods is reduced to almost 0, and every tree looks exactly the same. Even the most experienced adventurer would have trouble escaping these woods, it is no place for just any creature. Only the truly experienced, the wholeheartedly brave, and the strongest of all may enter these woods and come out again!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Gotcha!" Two white paws came together, presumably catching something in the snow below them. Bits of powdery snow flew in a dusty cloud before settling once more, revealing the crystal-white shape of a Snow Wherfy. He slowly lifted his paws to see his catch.

Nothing. "But where did it go!" The Snow Wherfy shouted at the ground as if it would answer him, glaring where his paws had been. His tail flicked in dismay.

"Oh! There you are!" He had spotted movement from the corner of his eye and twisted his slender body around to catch the crystal-white, fluffy creature that kept seeming to move behind him. As he moved, sure he would catch it this time, the creature seemed to move with him and disappear once more.

"I know you're still here! You can't trick Lawrence the Great forever you know!" The Snow Wherfy shouted to the sky, fully knowing this mysterious creature always seemed to disappear behind him and show up again when he least expected it (as tails often do).

Lawrence sighed as he looked up at the sky. His tail twitched out of sight behind him as he noticed a large fluffy gray cloud appearing between the dead tree branches. The wings at his sides stretched out and quickly back in. He would have desperately loved to fly off into the breeze and taste the winds above the trees, but the storm of the previous day was rolling back in - and a storm was not a terribly wise thing to go flying into.

As the chilly wind began to whistle through the trees, Lawrence quickly shut his eyes. He opened his mouth and held his nose near the ground as a freezing fog began to descend towards the ground. Visibility was dropping, and the branches previously seen overhead appeared to have been consumed by the storm. Using the scent of the ground beneath the snow, and the taste of the air, Lawrence blindly found his way to a large tree nearby.

Still with his eyes closed, protecting them from the setting storm, Lawrence extended his claws, partially extended his wings for balance, and began climbing up the tree. His destination seemed unclear at first, but half way up the tree a dark shape in the wood was coming into view.

A small burrow in the tree with a slim opening was revealed, and Lawrence quickly pulled himself inside, using his small flexible body to enter what seemed like a very small hole. In his secluded burrow, he opened his eyes once more and quickly pushed sticks around the entrance to shield his home from the storm outside.

After eating a few nuts stored under some twigs, Lawrence laid down and went to sleep. Living as he did was easy, as he could warmly sleep away the days and emerge on occasion to grab a few nuts before heading back to his peaceful slumber. Only in the hottest part of the year did he even bother to venture away from his glorious frozen home in the woods.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lawrence's ears twitched in his sleep. The whistling wind that had lulled him into a deep slumber had ceased, and the storm had passed after only two days. But, it wasn't entirely quiet outside his home either.

Without a sound, Lawrence's ears perked and he rose to his feet. Though very quiet, something was definitely moving in the snow at the base of his tree. It was rare for him to receive visitors, and very few creatures lived in these woods. Whatever had blown in with the storm, it was going to be unfamiliar to Lawrence. He proceeded down the tree with caution.

As he neared the bottom of the tree, a very small blue shape came into view. Ice? Lawrence thought, but quickly dismissed this as the shape was definitely moving. It was too small to be another petpet, and was moving too much to simply be an object.

Moving closer, Lawrence began to get a clearer picture of this creature. A Jiggybug! But what was it doing here all by itself?

The little Jiggybug seemed to be looking around, somewhat confused, though it did not notice Lawrence partially up the tree. After a few moments, it became clear the little petpetpet was entirely lost.

Suddenly losing his curiosity and having been taken over with a sense of urgency, Lawrence lurked down the rest of the tree and silently approached the Jiggybug.

"Hi," spoke Lawrence without a second thought.

"AH-AHHHH!" The Jiggybug screamed and began frantically running in circles. Lawrence had shown a significant lack of tact and had scared the Jiggybug so bad it couldn't even work out which way was up. It collapsed into the snow, still screaming.

"Sorry, are you okay?" said Lawrence quite simply. He was confused as to why the Jiggybug was so scared, surely this little creature couldn't think Lawrence would eat a petpetpet?

Trembling with fear, the little Jiggybug turned to face the gigantic Wherfy that stood high over her. She shook her head silently.

"Are you lost?" spoke Lawrence.

The Jiggybug nodded, still silently.

"Can you speak?" questioned Lawrence, becoming somewhat annoyed.

The Jiggybug nodded.

"Great. Okay, no, that's totally helpful. Alright, well I'm Lawrence. I live up there in that tree." Lawrence said quickly, and gestured with his head in the direction he'd come from.

Seemingly confused, the Jiggybug finally spoke. "Tree?"

"Surely you know what a tree is, it's just back th-" Lawrence turned to point to his tree home, but found himself looking at nothing but fog. It wasn't windy and there was no snow, but a thick fog had rolled in and all he could see was the little Jiggybug next to him.

Sighing, Lawrence crouched down low next to the Jiggybug. "I can take you back home - for ONE night - but you'll need to hang on while I get us there.

Looking up at her new Wherfy acquaintance, the Jiggybug considered this offer. She had no idea what else she could possibly do, so she climbed slowly onto the petpet's back.

Part way up the tree, the little Jiggybug seemed to relax and spoke once more, "Holo!"

"Holo? Is that your name? Well little Holo I hope you enjoy your one night in my home. After that you'll need to find your way back."

The Jiggybug smiled.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After the fog let up, a heavy blizzard blew down from the mountains and persisted for 7 days. During which time, Holo, now trapped by the storm, began to speak more and more to her new Wherfy friend, Lawrence.

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