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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Booklore
Owner: chibiaden14
Pet Name: Draikto
Breed: White Weewoo

About Booklore:
Booklore, the white Weewoo, had been aptly named by her owner, a maraquan Draik named Draikto, for the simple fact that she loved to read books and learn about all kinds of things, situations, and people and places! How had such a little Weewoo come to like books and reading and learning so much?

Why this Weewoo used to be a mascot for the Neopian Times news paper! Booklore used to read and help the Neopians who came to drop of articles about things going on with the lands of such as Maraqua, Altador, Neopia, and other such exotic places, search for misspelled words, grammatical errors, and other things to make sure their articles were simply to complete and utter perfection!

Booklore would hop down from her desk, and then waddle along the tiled floor to lead the way to the submission station. Little wings would flap and flutter until she reached the top of the submission desk, only to point to the correct bin with her tiny, yellow-orange beak in which to submit the correct submission bin!

Finally, she would flutter and flit those tiny little wings all the way back on over to her rectangular desk to begin the process of helping others all over again! all good things they must come to an end, and retirement loomed near after little Booklore sprained her wing at the job, and she had to quit something she loved doing so, so much. It saddened Booklore ever so greatly.

Yet fate would intervene for the feisty Weewoo who was down on her luck!! Draikto was out looking to buy some extremely rare books for her library back at the castle she was helping to rebuild. You see, Draikto was a librarian by trade, and her whole world revolved around books, but upon seeing the down trodden, dirty, and sad little white Weewoo, Draikto knew she had to do something!!

So she went to talk with Booklore, offering her a home, food, and friendship in exchange Booklore's knowledge of all things books, the written language, and cataloging books by author, book name, or by alphabetically.

When Booklore and Draikto got home to the library, Draikto gave her new found friend a hot, soap filled bath to get her dingy and dirty feathers back into the pristine pure white color they had been in. A warm and hot meal was provided in order to help sustain her, and to help provide Booklore the energy with which to work!

Booklore immediately went to work in cleaning up Draikto's work space. She put papers in their proper filing cabinets, quills, high lighters, and other office supplies into their proper placements to make everything all neat looking, and finally, with Draikto's help of course, flitted and fluttered about all over the library.

Booklore directed Draikto on what book went where, by colors, sizes, shapes, authors, alphabetically, by genre, and so much more, were put up onto the shelves that lined the library's walls until each and every nook and cranny was filled. Booklore even directed and showed Draikto how to make a card catalog type of system so that others could find what book they wanted to check out and read!! It was utterly and simply amazing!

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