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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Worm
Owner: lunatic_muncher
Pet Name: Maverence
Breed: Zombie Wherfy

About Worm:
Worm is a timid, weak little thing. With floppy ragdoll-like arms, brittle bones and only one barely functioning eye to speak of. He has a habit of trembling and fears everything, with credence.
But that's okay. He is certain that his master Maverence is the strongest neopet in the world.

His master had command of an army once. Maverence had power as a ruler, with his own throne and everything.
Isn't that cool?

Worm donned his own throne-- a plush velvet pillow. People and pets must have come from far and wide to give him ear scratches and treats that tasted like little berries.

Worm wonders what happened to those days... he's not entirely sure how it all just went away. He only remembers others that were very angry with his master... people visited less and less. And then things got scary and violent...

Worm's limited, decayed brain wracked itself trying to bring the past back. Aside from brief images of luxury, Worm's mind pulled out blanks and he found himself looking at his dirty, tattered feet.

Anxiety shook Worm to his bones. He had been alone far too long, and the dark walls of the cavernous ruins felt like they were closing in slowly.
'Where is my master?' he tried to speak, but of course it barely was able to eek out. Worm hobbled down the decrepit hall as best as he could, eagerly seeking out the familiar white and green silhouette of Maverence...

Flopping his long body around a far corner at the end of the hall, Worm found him. The ancient serpent was sitting on that old throne again. The wood and upholstery worn with time with plenty of skidgets, aboogalas and flowing plants making their home out of it. Maverence stared straight ahead, blankly. It was that normal look of spite that rested in his eyes, seemingly directed at no one in particular...His master was unwell again, Worm could tell. The immediate, natural thought as his master's beloved petpet was to help.

"Meep!" Worm's excited squeak rang out as he made a clumsy run for the hissi's perch and climbed up. The Wherfy hugged the coils of his master's serpentile shape and insistently held his face up against his side for affection.

Maverence remained steely eyed, looking onward. Yet he broke his unmoving, gargoyle-like stance by laying a cold bony appendage over Worm's head, stroking the matted fur between his eyes and beside his rotted ear before he spoke in his normal guttural hiss.
"Worm. Ssso nice to see you. You find the most opportune time to arrive..."

But of course. That was his job, wasn't it? Making sure the master never feels alone or unloved, eve in times like these... Worm closed his eye blissfully. In life or death, comfort or strife, there is no barrier between the love and loyalty of a wherfy and his master, who will always be a king to him.

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