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Petpet Name: Lilac
Owner: pets_rock_8
Pet Name: DarlingTim
Breed: Faerie Snowickle

About Lilac:
The late afternoon sun peaked gently through the windows of a tall mountain home in Shenkuu. As it moved over the bottom of the window and hit the surface of the floor and table, a beautiful glow reflected off every surface in the room. The table, cleaned and polished, glowed as if brand new. Without a single speck of dirt and shining like gold, the floor seemed as if it was a surface never before walked upon. A beautiful cabinet with glass doors, filled with the most delicate porcelain wares, was catching light from every angle and appeared almost glowing.

In the doorway stood a small, equally shiny, Faerie Snowickle that wore a face so peaceful it might even be sleeping. It breathed in the fresh, clean scent of the room and then sighed.

"Marvelous..." The Snowickle spoke with a lovely feminine voice as smooth as silver. She moved into the room, slowly walking around and nodding at every inch of the clean surface. "Such beauty we have accomplished," she spoke lovingly, holding up her feather duster and smiling at it. Surely there could be nothing more blissful than a job well done and a room that sparkled like the stars at night.

*CRASH* "LILAC! LILAC, ARE YOU HERE?!" The large bang of the front door crashing open, followed by the strong voice of her owner broke Lilac's peaceful moment and she went running out the room.

"Tim! You're back! You're back! I missed you so mu- AHH!"

A large cloud of dust and sand surrounded a Faerie Kougra standing in the doorway, bags at his feet. As he moved forward into the house, the dusty cloud seemed to follow him and settle into the walls and the floor nearby.

Lilac froze, taking in the scene, but her vision began to blur and the room was spinning... The beauty of the clean house... it was.. ruined.

"Lilac? Lilac!" Shouted Tim in vain.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Opening her eyes and still in a daze, Lilac slowly lifted up her head. She was in Tim's bed. He sat beside the bed, looking rather guilty.

"I.. I didn't think- I should have- I'm sorry..." Tim stammered, looking at the floor.

Truth be told, he should have known better. Lilac always cleaned the house when he was away. It was her favorite time to clean because she had the whole house to herself with no disturbances.

"So..." Lilac started. Tim looked up at her, expecting a lecture. "You went to the Lost Desert I take it?"

Tim smiled, relaxing slightly. "I sure did! I brought you back a cute cushion. It's made with really nice materials, but it'll need to be cleaned- but I can do that!"

"No. I'd like to clean it." Lilac said simply.

"Yes, right. You are the best at it after all.." Tim said cautiously, looking out the window. He paused, then smiled. "Want to go for a walk?"

Lilac looked out the window. The sun was getting pretty low in the sky, but there was still enough daylight for a quick walk. She'd probably have to spend the whole day tomorrow cleaning, it would probably be good to get some leisure time in first.

"I'd love to," said Lilac in the same voice she had used when speaking to her trusty feather duster.

"Want to ride on my back?" Tim said eagerly.

"I'll walk. Follow me." Lilac spoke confidently, then disappeared out the door with Tim close behind. She was sure after the mess he made she could get him to buy her a treat at the Exotic Foods shop....

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