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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Meroko
Owner: kittykrueger
Pet Name: Princess_Machiatto
Breed: Royal Juma

About Meroko:
Shenkuu. A beautiful land that was previously hidden away from other Neopians except for the original residents. There are many places to explore. The city has a large, beautiful waterfall near the center. It’s a wonderful sight to see, but can be dangerous. Dangerous is exactly what it was for a sneaky little Juma.

Sometimes it’s boring waiting around for someone to take you home from the Fanciful Fauna shop. A bored Juma had been staring out the window dreaming of getting out and checking out the world. She began planning her great escape. She waited patiently for a customer enter the shop. She then snuck into their bag while the shopkeeper was distracted with the sale.

She hopped out of the bag shortly after leaving the store. She was free! Though that left her with a big choice… what should she do first? She looked around for something interesting. Cyodrake's Gaze? No. Lunar Temple? Nah. Check out the bridge leading out of Shenkuu? Maybe. She looked and looked until something finally caught her eye. It was the waterfall near the city center. That would be the perfect place to explore first! She shook happily and began leaping toward the waterfall.

The little Juma slowly made her way up the rocky mountain of the waterfall. After a little while she finally made it up to the houses nestled beside the waterfall. Her attention was drawn to a collection of citizens near the waterfall gate. They appeared to be having a ceremony of some kind. She watched in wonder until her stomach began to rumble. Oh dear, it seems she hadn’t thought about what she would eat once she escaped from the store. She rubbed her tummy and began looking around. A breeze began to blow and it brought a wonderful smell with it. Where could that delicious smell be coming from? She began following the smell in hopes of finding something to fill her empty tummy.

Finally she noticed where the smell was coming from. Chef Bonju was making something delicious in his cooking vessel! There was a problem though. The only way to reach the food was to cross the waterfall using the rocks which formed a pathway. She thought about it for a few minutes, took a deep breath and began carefully leaping from rock to rock. She was almost there, just one more rock to go! She could practically already taste the food! She leapt for the final rock when something happened. A Belonthiss leapt out of the water and bumped into her. “Flrrrr!” she cried as she fell into the water. She struggled to swim again the waters current and was heading right for the largest drop off of the waterfall. She cried out as she tried to get to safety!

The commotion caught the attention of a resident who had been participating in the ceremony earlier. It was a female lupe who was sitting on the bank with her feet in the cool water. “Oh my goodness!”, she exclaimed. She noticed the little Juma struggling and thought up a plan quickly. She tied a rope around herself and then around the waterfall gate and leapt into the water. She swam as quick as she could and scooped up the Juma. “It’s alright, you’re safe now little one!,” she said as she placed the Juma on top of her head. She then pulled them both back to safety using the rope she had tied.
The little Juma shook off the water and watched the lupe. “How did you end up in the water little one?”, the lupe asked. The little Juma continued to just watch her. “That’s okay, you don’t have to respond.” The lupe rang some water out of her kimono. “Silly me, I began asking questions without introducing myself! I’m Machiatto. It’s nice to meet you!” The little Juma began inching toward Machiatto. “You know, I bet you’re hungry after an adventure like that. Here, have a dumpling. I brought them for a snack earlier.” Machiatto held out a dumpling for her. The little Juma shook excitedly and bounced over to the dumpling and began eating. “Do you have a home little one?” The Juma just shook her head no as she finished eating.

“Oh! In that case would you like to move in with me? I’ve got plenty of room and would love the company!” The little Juma thought for a minute and then began chirping happily. “Wonderful!”, Machiatto exclaimed as she picked up the little Juma. “Now we just need a name for you. Hmmmm…. Oh, I know! How about Meroko?” “Flrrrr!” cried the little Juma happily! “Nice to meet you Meroko! I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship!” The pair ate a few more dumplings and headed home for the night.

They have been inseparable ever since! Meroko and Machiatto go on many adventure together across all of Neopia. Meeting many wonderful citizens and seeing amazing sights. Meroko was painted royal after getting settled into her new home. She also found her mootix during one of her many adventures. I wonder what kind of adventure she will go on next? Don’t get into too much trouble Meroko!

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