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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Lilly
Owner: jessica_sweetie8
Pet Name: Raillyn
Breed: Spring Faellie

About Lilly:
Lilly, a small and spunky spring faellie, had only been Raillyn’s petpet for a few short weeks. She was so happy to have been picked – Raillyn could have had any petpet, but she chose Lilly. Lilly knew this was important and that she would need to be the best petpet she could in order to make Raillyn proud.

One day, Lilly and Raillyn were out for a stroll around Neopia Central. They came upon the gardening supply store and decided to have a look inside. Together, they entered through the large green doors. They were immediately awestruck with all the colorful plants and lawn ornaments around them. As they walked further into the store, it opened up into a large open air area, with rows of potted plants.

“Lilly, I’m going to go speak with the shopkeeper. Please stay out of trouble, and don’t touch anything,” Raillyn said sternly, but then smiled.

Lilly nodded eagerly, she wanted to be a good little faellie. Raillyn walked off to speak with the green blumaroo shopkeeper, and just then Lilly noticed something move in the golden fernsprouts. She looked back, certain she had seen a flash of yellow, but maybe it was just the wind moving the flowers of the fernsprouts. She looked away. After all, Raillyn had told her to stay put and not touch anything... it was probably just her imagination. But suddenly, she heard a loud BUZZZ!

There it was, she saw it again, this time in clear view. It was a springabee! Lilly knew Raillyn loved springabees, because they reminded her of her favorite season, spring. Determined to catch her a little springabee friend, Lilly hunched down and got ready to pounce. Springing forward with paws outstretched, she crashed right into the golden fernsprouts! The pots were overturned and dirt began spilling out, creating quite the mess. Lilly was caked in potting soil, but she was sure she had caught it. She opened her paws to check and... nothing. How could she have missed it, it was right there!

Buzz! There it was again, it was taunting her. She simply had to catch this springabee to show Raillyn.

The springabee was now resting on a fake flower by the gnomes. This will be easy, Lilly thought, it’s right there, impossible to miss! She got ready, tip toeing over to the gnomes, and when we was within reach she jumped and clasped her paws tightly around the springabee.

“I’ve got you this time!” Just then, the tiny springabee wiggled its way loose and slipped out of Lilly’s paws. She tried to grab the springabee again as it flew away, but she lost her balance and fell into the gnomes, knocking them over, ceramic lupes and grundos crashed loudly onto the floor. Raillyn whipped around from speaking to the shopkeeper and immediately she saw the muddy state Lilly was in, along with the broken gnomes.

“Lilly! What in Neopia are you doing!” Raillyn exclaimed, shocked at the disarray Lilly had caused around the store.

Lilly hung her head, and pointed to the springabee that had landed on a nearby purple columbine. Raillyn realized that Lilly had been trying to catch it for her.

“It’s alright Lilly, thank you for trying.” She smiled and pet Lilly gently on the head. Raillyn turned back to the green blumaroo, who was just staring at them.

“I apologize for the mess; I will pay for anything Lilly broke.” The shopkeeper grumbled something to himself and gave Raillyn a number. She quickly pulled out her neopoints and paid him, not wanting to cause any more trouble.

“I think we have had enough excitement for one day, Lilly. Let’s head home before this trip gets any more expensive.” She smiled and winked at Lilly.

Even though Lilly was not able to catch the springabee for Raillyn, it was okay, because she realized Raillyn still loved her all the same. They began to walk out of the gardening store, and then there it was, that buzzing again! It was very loud this time, but Lilly couldn’t see the springabee anywhere. Raillyn looked to her, and then motioned towards Lilly’s head.

“It looks like you picked up a little friend after all, Lilly. She likes your flowers!” Raillyn giggled and then the three of them walked home together.

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