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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Schmick
Owner: mystica05
Pet Name: Molht
Breed: Fire Wibreth

About Schmick:
This is the tale of how a small petpet's curiosity led him on one of the greatest adventure he has ever had, on the quest for something new...

It’s been two days since the great lights lit up the skies above Shenkuu, brighter than any display shown at the Lunar Festival in past years. There were many rumbles and whispers from traveling petpets about what had actually gone on that night. Some had insisted that the rocky, flaming hunks were actually pieces of Kreludor that had come hurtling towards Shenkuu causing wide-spread destruction, while others were certain it was the inevitable second coming of Meepits. Not convinced by either one of these tales, I decided to hop around on my own in the outskirts of the land, trying to seek out more believable information.

It was a little more difficult than I thought it would be, navigating through the rockier areas. Then too, I wasn’t that much of a climber in the first place. Hm. However, the trouble didn’t seem to be really worth it, at least at the time. Quite a few of the petpets I came across seemed too nervous, and became particularly twitchy when it came to describing what happened. There was a particular Juma who kept peering around me and not making eye contact, it was as though he expected something to suddenly reach around from behind me and grab him.

Before long, night had fallen; it began to get quite dark quickly, and it became more difficult to see where I was going. About ready to give up, I sat plopped down onto the flattest boulder I could find. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a faint glow. I got down from my perch to get a closer look; the faint glow turned out to be a ghostly Carmariller, mumbling to herself. Quite animatedly, in fact.

“Why oh WHY does he have to do this every time?” She bawled up one of her tiny fists and smacking it into her other hand. “Sometimes I just want to *grunt*… ” She finally turned around ad noticed me standing there, watching the entire performance. She quickly started getting flustered.

“Oh.. er, um hello,” she cleared her throat and folded her arms, “is there something you need help with?” I told her about the strange rumors I had heard swirling about Shenkuu, and my quest to find the truth of the matter. A grim expression began to darken her face. “I’d be more careful if were you, lurking out here in the wilderness at night, even more so on your own. Are you certain you want to know the truth?” I nodded. “Okay then. You see all of those over turned, broken slabs of rock that way?” She indicated the direction with her hand. I squinted into the night, just making out the edges of jagged rock. I nodded. “You’ll most definitely find the end of your quest in that direction. Make sure you’re careful, all right? The truth isn’t always that nice to look at...” After bowing her head ever so slightly, she took off into the starry skies, fluttering in the breeze.

Well, that was lucky, I thought. What could possibly be so bad that she warned me about taking a peek? I shrugged it off. I climbed over towards the direction the odd Carmariller had indicated. As I got closer to the jagged crevices, I thought I noticed some slight movement. I thought I had just caught sight of a few disheveled, light blue-colored feathers catch the breeze that was lightly making its way across the ground. Curious, I climbed up onto a couple of rocks that were on either side of a crack that had started to creep in between them. Once I found my balance, I stuck out my neck closer into the rift and squinted to see if I could make out anything in the darkness. Wow, it sure is a lot deeper than it appears to be from far away, I thought.

I followed the rift farther down the surface, noticing as I went farther down, it seemed to widen. Before long, the ground looked as though a large piece of Kreludor had indeed struck; it was the largest hole I had ever seen! Peering into it, I noticed there was some sort of large…(was it even still considered a Neopet?) shape near the bottom. It was a strange thing I had never seen before: she appeared to vaguely resemble a brightly-colored Pteri of some sort, but the reptilian features over-shadowed most of everything. One side seemed to be damaged in some sort of way, with her feathers bent all over in odd directions. Looking even closer (without being in danger of falling in) I noticed there were a few scratches here and there along her neck and torso. Despite all this, she seemed to be resting peacefully enough.

Hopefully she isn’t too hungry and thinks that a little Wibreth like me is a good snack for when she first wakes up. Actually, that’s how I could help: I can go gather some food and bandages for when she comes to! I kept in mind the location of where she was, and took off running back towards the forest I had passed by on the way here to gather some supplies. This could either turn out to be a great friendship, or the worst mistake I’ve ever made. EVER.

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