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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Chiffon
Owner: nightwolf_rider
Pet Name: Dersonai
Breed: Faerie Vacana

About Chiffon:
Nestled amongst some of the more built-up areas of the Faerie City, lies a quaint little café. It took a long time, as well as a lot of hard work, to create the establishment known as ‘Sweets and Treats’, but to the Faerie Grarrl who owns it, the café is more than just a fancy coffeehouse selling cakes and biscuits. To Dersonai, it is his realized dream; that through effort was brought into reality.

Dersonai peers through the glass panel that looks out onto the busy Faerieland streets; although it’s not really that busy right now. It’s closing time, the time of the day when the hustle and bustle of the thriving Faerie marketplace dies down, and when businesses such as ‘Sweets and Treats’ close for the night.

“Another busy day, huh, Chiff?” Dersonai smiles, admiring the pretty cobblestone roads and flowers that Faerieland was famous for, “My new cupcake recipe was a hit with the regulars! I suppose we’d better clean up the shop.”

At this point, a rather chubby Vacana ambles out from underneath a table. This was Chiffon, Dersonai’s faithful companion, café mascot and garbage disposal extraordinaire. He was only a small thing, probably about the same size as a toaster. But this little petpet had a penchant for snacking as well as a bottomless stomach, and Dersonai used this to his advantage.

“Okay, Chiff, clean up time!” Dersonai chimed, as the Vacana’s delicate wings quivered with anticipation. On command, Chiffon bolted off, ridding the floor of any fallen pieces of cake, cookie crumbs and anything else his highly sensitive nose could detect. Very few edible items escaped Chiffon’s keen sense of smell, and within a few minutes, there wasn’t a single morsel to be found. Dersonai chuckled to himself as he cleared away empty plates and coffee mugs, as the Vacana scampered around the shop, to ensure that everything was spotless.

Dersonai met Chiffon roughly four years ago, when ‘Sweets and Treats’ didn’t even exist. Dersonai was working as a poorly paid intern at ‘Faerie Foods’, an establishment the Grarrl has come to despise. He worked incredibly long hours there; the job was tedious and uninspiring. He wasn’t even trusted with the ingredients! Dersonai blames that on the awful reputation people seem to attribute with Grarrls; that they are uncontrollable eaters.

So Dersonai was mainly left to washing the cooking utensils and taking the trash outside into the alleyway behind the shop.

One evening, Dersonai was taking out a rather heavy garbage bag, when he noticed a rustling coming from inside one of the bins! Confused, he lifted the lid off and found a mess of dirty red fur scavenging around in the rubbish. The poor thing was filthy, and looked like he hadn’t eaten a proper meal in weeks. Dersonai, being the kind and compassion Grarrl that he is, took pity on the little stray Vacana, and lifted him up from the bin and into his arms. He gave him a thorough wash in the kitchen sink before giving him something to eat. The only thing Dersonai could get his hands on at the time was a piece of chiffon cake, which the Vacana gobbled up instantly. The Grarrl decided to call him ‘Chiffon’, after the cake. From then onwards, the two were inseparable, which eventually resulted in Dersonai having to leave his job at ‘Faerie Foods’.

At first, Dersonai’s boss at ‘Faerie Foods’ was indifferent towards Chiffon; as long as he stayed out of the kitchen, he could stay and attract customers. This was when Chiffon’s ferocious appetite was first discovered. At this time, Chiffon was untrained, and didn’t understand the concept of not eating food that didn’t belong to him. Customers would feed him tidbits underneath the table, and this encouraged him to seek out even more food. He would leap up onto the table and grab whatever was there, and before the customer knew it, they were left with an empty plate. Customers soon began to complain about their food being snatched, and Dersonai was told very firmly by his boss, “Either that Vacana goes, or you both go.”

Obviously, Dersonai chose the latter, opting to start his own eatery, becoming successful as a result. Luckily, Chiffon has been trained not to take food that doesn’t belong to him, and customers are advised not to feed him. After all, he has plenty to eat at closing time!

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