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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Skybrall
Owner: ixi_lover_ixi
Pet Name: Arrkanine
Breed: Eventide Cobrall

About Skybrall:
A small Cobrall sits on a window ledge, watching the sun go down. He knew that if he leapt in to the sky, he would blend in with the setting daylight, but he couldn't. He couldn't leap at all. He was only a snake.

He thought, what if he was an Eventide Carmariller? Or an Eventide Dragoyle? Or even a Neopet, with the freedom to talk and run? He was about as useful as a pile of soot.

His owner didn't even have the Petpet Laboratory. He was only zapped before he was pounded along with Arrkanine, the Snow Kougra. He remembered when he was a Ghoti, swimming gracefully through the seas. He couldn't do that now.

He had tried drinking a Morphing Potion before. An Orange Koi one. But he only got a stomach ache before the morphing potion was passed on.

He had tried everything possible to try and change who he was, but it was no use. He was stuck as an Eventide Cobrall.

But at least he was eventide. He could have been blue. Or green. Or a normal color. He was lucky that he wasn't a Slorg, or something.

The small petpet wandered off the window ledge. He had a way of getting up and down. His owner had laid out wooden planks for him to slither up and down. There was wooden planks pasted all around the house.

He could go wherever he pleased. He could go in to another pet's room if he wanted. He usually just sat on the window ledge, until around 4pm, when he was usually chucked down a Symol Hole. He once found a hat down there.

Remembering this, the young Cobrall came up with another problem.

Why couldn't he wear clothes?

He tried to put on the hat he got from the Symol Hole, and it simply covered him completely. Oh, that's why. He's smaller than all of his pet friends.

And why was he always the one thrown in to the Petpet Battledome? Arrkanine was always fighting off Clown Chias in the real battledome, and he reckoned he could take one on too.

But the small petpet reconsidered all of his problems for one minute. He didn't really care, and just for a second, everything was alright.

He didn't mind that he couldn't fly, or leap, or run. He didn't mind that he was always used for petpet dailies. He didn't mind that he was always fighting smaller petpets. He didn't mind that he couldn't wear clothes.

He was who he was, and he was happy about that.

And he was happy to be who we was. He's luckier than some Petpets who don't even have owners. Even if he can't jump, he can still imagine what it would be like. Imagination was all he needed.

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