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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Eo
Owner: paraxeno_daimonio
Pet Name: Tixan
Breed: Island Faellie

About Eo:
The Faellie slowly recovered his conscience. Everything looked blurry though, as he was still a little bit dizzy.

“What happened to you, little bird?”, said the mysterious figure.

He was a strange looking Neopet, one the Faellie had never seen before. He had two big and scary antennas and was also wearing a weird and big tribal mask! Something had to be wrong. The Faellie looked around, trying to recognize the Faerieland, but everything looked so different.. where was the Rainbow Fountain? What about the Faerie City? No faeries?

Nothing. All the Faellie could see around were trees. Trees and more trees. It looked like an infinite jungle with so many different colors. The Faellie obviously couldn’t trust his sight. With that in mind, he closed his eyes and started paying attention to the sounds that were surrounding them. He immediately regretted. It was so weird! He could hear millions of different sounds, and some of them were really scary.

Worried with the apparent confusion in the Faellie’s big black eyes, Tixan recognized the petpet: “Oh, you are not a bird.. you are a Faellie, from the Farieland! What are you doing down here in Mystery Island? Are you hurt?”

Mystery Island! That’s it. That would explain the immense jungle and all those sounds, but how did he got there? He could only remember being flying around the Faerieland’s skies with his companions.

It was just then that he noticed Tixan’s approach. And he had a big spear in one of his hands!

“Calm down little Faellie! I won’t hurt you! I only use this spear to fight the intruders and protect the Island! Let me help you, my owner certainly knows how to heal you, and then we can help you find your way back home.”

Tixan helped the Faellie to stand up and after some minutes of a rough walk, the Faellie could spot a Neohome at distance. He also saw a really big garden, with lots of toys. When Tixan took him inside the Neohome, the Faellie felt something for the very first time in his life. A feeling of belonging somewhere!

“Tixan! Welcome home! Oh, we have a guest?”, a boy appeared. Must be Tixan’s owner, the Faellie figured.

“Digo, do you think we can help him? I think he’s hurt.”

“Oh! Let me see.” He came closer. “Yes, his wings are broken.. he must have fell while he was flying. I have some medicine, but I’m afraid he needs to rest for some days.”

“Can he stay, please? His home is far away, up in Faerieland. He could stay in my room.”

“Of course he can! If he means that much to you, he’s welcome to stay as much as he needs.”

The house was huge! They had so many rooms, including a kitchen, a bathroom and a big dining room. Tixan took the Faellie to his bedroom, where he was medicated. Without even noticing, he fell asleep.

Several days have passed and Tixan never left his side, checking on him from time to time. He barely slept all those days, always worried about his little friend.

One day, the Faellie stood up and flapped his wings. He felt like new again! He felt like he could fly around the entire Neopia!

“A-Are you ok, little Faellie?”

“Mmmmrmrrrrmrmmr”, said the Faellie.
“Your wings are better now. That means you can go back to.. Faerieland.”

Faerieland. His home place. Somehow, he totally forgot about it. Somehow.. he didn’t want to go back.

“Prrrrrt Prrrrrrt”, answered the Faellie, while shaking his head.

“You don’t want to go back? You wanna stay with me?”, Tixan’s eyes were shining in joy.

He instantly jumped over the bed and hugged the little Fellie. “I have a Petpet! I have the best Petpet ever!”. He was crying in happiness!

“I’m going to name you Eo. You will be named after one of the rarest magical codestones in Mystery Island. How do you like it?”

“Cooooo”, Eo smiled back.

Eo, the Island Faellie have never felt so happy before.

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