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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Pippa
Owner: kacheekkirby
Pet Name: Naeanie
Breed: Faerie Kadoatie

About Pippa:
“I got you a present, sweetie!” A small Sludgy could hear voices outside of the dark space she was in. Another voice joined in, excitedly, demanding to open the bright, shiny package tied with a large bow. The ribbon was torn from the box and the paper ripped off quickly, and finally, the box was pulled open. The little Sludgy looked up into the face of a young green Kacheek, and she couldn’t miss the mixed expression of joy and disappointment.

Two chubby green paws reached into the box, wrapping tightly around the Sludgy’s body. “I love her, Kirby,” the Kacheek proclaimed, smiling at her owner. “Thank you.”

The Kacheek took the Sludgy down a hall and into a light blue bedroom. “Hi,” she said. “My name is Naeanie. We’re going to be best friends forever, okay? I’m going to name you… Pippa.”

The Sludgy smiled and nodded, blowing a mud bubble. Naeanie grimaced as it burst onto her well-groomed fur, but picked up Pippa and hugged her anyway.

Naeanie and Pippa became fast friends, but Pippa couldn’t miss the occasional longing glances that Naeanie would give to other beautifully-painted pets and their adorable, matching petpets. Pippa knew that even if Naeanie, who couldn’t afford a brush anyway, were to paint her, she still wouldn’t be as adorable as the other petpets that she knew Naeanie longed for. More than anything, she knew Naeanie wanted a faerie Kadoatie. Therefore, when Naeanie’s owner, Kirby, came home one day announcing the reveal of the petpet laboratory, Pippa was as excited as Naeanie.

“Can we try it, Kirby, please?” begged Naeanie, Pippa right beside her.

“Sure,” Kirby readily agreed. “I’ll take you this afternoon, okay?”

The petpet laboratory became a staple of the family’s afternoons. Sometimes, Pippa’s name would change, but Naeanie would always change it back immediately. Pippa turned into a ghost Faellie at one point, and a blue Geb at another. The changes were sometimes uncomfortable, but every time she changed species and color, Pippa was thrilled, as she knew she was getting closer to being what she knew Naeanie wanted. The last time Naeanie zapped her, however, wasn’t a happy occasion.

Zap! Pippa felt her body become weak, start to disintegrate. She struggled to hold herself together, and she clung to life, but she couldn’t help from falling to the ground in a pile of ash.

“No!” Naeanie cried, rushing forward and pushing past the Kookith who manned the machine. “Pippa!” She scooped Pippa up into her arms, struggling to carry all of the soot. She rushed over to Kirby, who held her in her arms and took her home. There, Naeanie, transferred Pippa into a jar, ignoring the soot stains all over her lovely fur and tears pouring down her face.

Kirby patted her head, “It’ll be okay, sweetie. At least she didn’t disappear completely; we can go back tomorrow and she might change into something else.”

Naeanie stared at her owner in shock. “She could disappear?”

“Er, yes,” Kirby admitted. “I thought you knew that.”

“Pippa,” Naeanie cried. “I’m so sorry. I promise I’ll never zap you again.” Pippa longed to hug her owner, but as a pile of soot, she was unable to reach out to her.

“I’ll see if we can do anything else,” Kirby promised, giving Naeanie a tight hug and striding purposefully out the door.

Several hours later, Kirby returned with a solution. “You can un-attach and re-attach her,” she explained. “Pippa will turn back into a Sludgy.”

Naeanie smiled through her tears. Later that night, she held the reformed Sludgy in her arms. “I love you, Pippa,” she said.

A few days later, Naeanie and Kirby went out to buy groceries. Naeanie kissed the Sludgy on top of the head. “Be back soon, Pippa.”

Pippa had all but given up on her dream of being her owner’s perfect petpet. Her mind replayed the phrase, “could disappear completely,” but she also could not keep the image of envy crossing Naeanie’s face at the sight of beautiful petpets out of her mind. “I love you too, Naeanie,” she thought, and, mind made up, Pippa oozed out the petpet flap in the front door.

It took several hours, but Pippa made it to the petpet laboratory. The Kookith cackled upon seeing her, but she ignored him. Inching forward, she placed herself squarely in the path of the ray and squeezed her eyes shut tightly.

Zap! A change overtook her, but Pippa almost dared not open her eyes. Cracking one open, she saw beautiful light blue paws on the floor in front of her. Her eyes shot open. Whirling around, she saw a long, light blue tail whip around behind her. She fluttered her new light pink wings. Scarcely daring to believe it, she looked in a mirror and saw herself: Pippa the faerie Kadoatie.

The flight home passed in a daze. When she arrived, she could hear Naeanie outside, calling her name and fretting loudly. “Pippa! Where could she be, Kirby? Do you think she ran away because I zapped her? Please, Pippa, come home! I’m so sorry! Pippa!”

Pippa fluttered down to land in front of her beloved owner.

Naeanie started at her in confusion, but her eyes widened in comprehension when Pippa jumped forward to nuzzle her. “Pippa?” she breathed.

The faerie Kadoatie nodded, and Naeanie scooped her up into her arms.

“I don’t care what kind of petpet you are, Pippa, I love you,” Naeanie said quietly. “Never leave me again?”

And Pippa thought, purring as warmth and happiness spread through her tiny body, “I love you too, Naeanie. I love you too.”

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