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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Mr. Magpie
Owner: deadzzi
Pet Name: Porkabu
Breed: Meepit

About Mr. Magpie:

DAY 1:

As of today, the plan has commenced. My cuteness factor allowed me easy access to the home of an unsuspecting Neopian. This was easily attained by giving "the eyes" to a sickeningly weak Moehog from my wretched cage in the Petpet Shop. The Neopet and its owner will undoubtedly continue to be easy targets.

DAY 5:

My great plan is continuing without a hitch. The Neopet and its owner have fed me more food than I would have imagined, and leave me unattended each night to continue my plotting uninterrupted. I sleep in short shifts during the day that, oddly enough, seem to often coincide with the frequent naps of the Neopet. So much sleep is certainly for the weak. Barring any unforeseen cleverness on the part of these weak beings, I plan to strike within the month.

DAY 12:

I keep trying to connect with other infiltrators in this system, but my communication attempts seem to go ignored. No matter; my plan does not require reinforcements. While I am sure my strength on this planet is unmatched, I am simply using this time to be sure of my swift and unopposed victory. This household I chose was certainly the most intelligent of decisions. They continue to wait on me hand and foot, completely unaware of their imminent doom. What fools.

DAY 22:

The date of my ultimate takeover is slowly approaching. All materials have been acquired, and steps one through seven have been put into place. Everything is going according to plan.

DAY 45:

While my original date of Ultimate Takeover has passed, I am convinced it is for the best. The owner took the Neopet on a "vacation" and invited me along. This seemed like a good opportunity for surveying future conquerable lands, so I postponed the order of events. The whole ordeal turned out to be a much-needed stint of relaxation, and has since put me in an infinitely better state-of-mind for establishing dominion. I am altering my previous plans and will decide on a new date of Ultimate Takeover soon.

DAY 87:

The human and Neopet continue to offer me many foods and interesting entertainments, therefore I have benevolently allowed them their freedom for just a little longer than originally planned. I do not foresee it subverting my plan in any other way, so I am sure it is an inconsequential decision. It will also allow me to have more of these "treats" that they love giving me. I will definitely conquer them within the next two weeks, however.

DAY 148:

I seem to have lost track of my tightly-structured Schedule of Ultimate Takeover. These infernal beings insist on showering me with food, entertainment, and affection, and it has clouded my judgement and perception of time. No matter, the long period of waiting has instilled in them a lack of any suspicion and will surely only make their doom all the more surprising. I will simply reassess the schedule and calculate the perfect time frame of domination. There is no loss in this; I will simply devour more "treats" in the meantime and enjoy the unsuspecting kindness of these lesser beings for just a little while longer....

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