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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Deathsnake
Owner: alli_draggy
Pet Name: Kasandaria
Breed: Stealthy Magtile

About Deathsnake:
Eep! There's a sword on my tail! There's a sword on my tail! Aaah... oh, good. There's Kasandaria, my Neopet, coming to rescue me from this weird sort who's chasing me with a sword. Wait... it's just my suit? That was surprising. Anyway, let me introduce myself. I'm Deathsnake, and I'm Neopia's cutest Stealthy Magtile. I mean, how can you resist the big head, the innocent-looking blue eyes, and the little black forked tongue? I live in Maraqua with a bunch of Hissi, as well as a Chomby, a Quiggle, and my Neopet's owner, who thinks she's some sort of ruler of snakes. I think she's insane.

Alli is a tiny human who has a claim on my Neopet and does a lot of the work. She does a lot of the cooking (it's more like supervising Safety Deposit Box raids, as she's a bit of a hoarder), a bit of cleaning (in reality, it's just forcing her Neopets to clean their rooms for Neopoints), and she cures us when we're sick. Also, she buys me lots of Almost Gummy Rats! So, I guess it's evened out by that.

Kasandaria is this really nice, brave Hissi girl! She wears me on her neck and walks around, plays with me, gets the scary sword off my tail, feeds me, and cuddles with me. She also takes me places! I don't terrify that many folks, right? Well, you're not scared of me, and that's what matters.

The Chomby's really scared and reclusive; I don't really see her much. All I know is that she really likes math and moved from Tyrannia when she was really little. She has a Baby Blu named 2x. He's also really scared, for some reason. Like Neopet, like Petpet.

Xelner is a really sweet, but paranoid, Hissi. I have lots of fun with his Wadjet, FrankenWadjet! I don't really know why his pet's called that, but the other Petpets have told me that he might be a Zombie Wadjet! How cool is that?

Zanethor is this Quiggle. She thinks that she rules the swamps of Neopia. She must have gotten it from Alli. "Sultana of Serpents" meets "Mistress of Swamps." Her Greeble, Esmorbogizvat, is really jumpy, both because Greebles jump a lot -- like Mortogs -- and all because he thinks I'm going to eat him! How ridiculous!

Alli also has this big glass Neohome where she keeps some other Hissi of hers. They're Ophiophagus__Hannah, who eats Wadjets, Cobralls, and other small, snaky Petpets. Her name literally translates to "snake eater" in a certain human language! I stay away from her. There's also this big Maraquan Hissi called Hydrophis_Ornatus. She has all sorts of cool water magic and orbs that explode into glittery water are even more fun than water balloons! Sometimes I slither in when she's doing a water fight with the other Hissi. Elaphe and Pantherophis_Gutatta are twins, but they're so different! Pantherophis is balanced and perfectly average, and Elaphe wears a Shoulder Blades Valentine Cape everywhere and dreams about being a rock star! Again, insane.

There's another Neohome where Alli keeps even more Hissi! Bitis__Gabonica is really scary and I stay away from her at all times. I hear that she works part-time turning Neopets into ghosts! We have some of the universe's weirdest Hissi! Ophionous always stares up into the sky and doesn't pay attention to anything. She thinks she came from a parallel universe or something ridiculous like that when, really, she's just an average blue Hissi. BronxZooCobra is really curious and she looks a lot like a Yellow Cobrall. She unfolds her neck-hood when she's angry and often tries to escape from everything, even her own room! Then there's alli_draggy. She's a tiny little green Hissi who's just an avatar for Alli.

Then we have a Neohome where we keep foster 'pets or 'pets who needed us. Baka Hisstante the 2nd (known as bakahissi2 or just Baka) was the heir to Meridell but got left on the side of a street. We picked her up to join our snake pit. Then there's Nagini (NaginiDiabolique), who used to do all sorts of evil things, but the Defenders of Neopia sent her to our foster 'pet program to do service. Then we have ever-changing foster 'pets. Two of them have stuck around for insanely long -- I think Alli wants to trade them for Hissi.

This Neohome is just plain overrun with assorted cold-blooded creatures! We have Cobralls, Wadjets, Blunas, Magtiles, Hissi, Quiggles, Chombies, Baby Blus, Quetzals, Greebles, and even more as Petpets and Alli has this big museum of sorts where she keeps all other kinds of reptiles and amphibians! I think we have a little bit of an obsession going on here.

Anyway, I need to go curl up in one of my many Petpet beds to go to sleep. Bye! Zzz....

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