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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Dr. Franklin McBride
Owner: the_shii
Pet Name: Azarala
Breed: Plushie Ona

About Dr. Franklin McBride:
A screech from Azarala's voice flew down the hall. When I reached her room in our Neohome, I saw her holding her Plushie Ona with her back turned toward the doorway that I was standing in.

"What's wrong, Azzy?" She always hated when I called her that. "Aza," she'd respond and her ears would grow deaf until I repeated it. This time was a little different, but she still sat in silence without regarding me. I peeked over her head. Her Ona, which she had dubbed Dr. Franklin McBride, had a tiny tear on the arm. "Oh, Frankie's hurt?"

She flung herself around, cradling the Petpet in her arms like a baby Neopet. I'd never seen Frank move, but she always insisted that Frank was "shy just like her." I was unconvinced it was any more than a plushie. Aza told me that Frank was also a registered doctor, and the only proof we had of that was the one time Frank diagnosed Aza with the NeoBlues. Sure, Aza had been a bit down, but I really think it was an elaborate ploy to get a Tasty Pie. Still, Azzy loved that Ona and I wasn't about to let her suffer through Frank's pain, whether it was animate or not.

"Frank," she began, struggling through her sniffling as she tried to finish the rest of the sentence. When she couldn't bring herself to deliver the words she let her hand, the one that was cradling Frank's arm, fall slowly, showing that the tiny tear had actually spread to the entirety of Frank's paw.

"Hmm..." I bent down, inspecting it."We'll need thread and we'll have to replace that old arm with some new material." Azzy looked at me in deep understanding and nodded slowly. We then headed to the storage room, where I kept all of my sewing supplies. I pulled down a basket of old fabrics and Aza gawked at all the colors. "Which one shall we use?" I inquired.

She looked at the colors and then at Frank, as if deciding which would be the best fit for her Ona. She moved Frank's face closer to her ear and nodded as if listening to the delicate words of the Petpet.

"Well?" I inquired. "What does he want?"

Aza shot a sharp glare at me. "FRANK IS A GIRL!" she shouted. I'd already forgotten that. It'd only been a week since she'd declared that Frank was a girl, but I was quick to fess up my mistake.

I drew myself closer to Frank's face. "I'm sorry, Frank," I said as sincerely as I could muster, and as I pulled away I could have sworn that I saw her blink out the corner of my eye. I pivoted back and all I saw were those same glassy button eyes that had always been there. Weird.

I continued, now speaking to both of them, "So, what do you girls think the best fabric would be?"

Aza quietly discussed the topic with Frank, and I took the moment to organize a few loose threads in the basket.

"Purple," Azarala finally decided.

I measured out the purple fabric, wrapping it carefully around Frank's arm. It was actually quick to sew up. Aza winced at the whole ordeal, but when I was finished she took the arm and moved it around, as if checking for shoulder movement. Cute, I thought as I began to put away the sewing supplies.

The two began back down the hallway to their room. I turned to put up the basket and heard an unfamiliar "THANKS!" from a tiny voice. I spun around, only to see Aza from behind as she walked away with Frank flopped over her shoulder, still inanimate. Weird.

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