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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Momo
Owner: emeraldpaws
Pet Name: Arlera
Breed: Christmas Crystacat

About Momo:
Momo was found one day when Arlera was still a young adventurer, clinging to an asteroid somewhere outside of Kreludor. Given Momo's strange choice of foods, we suspect the cat-like creature comes from the same place as the Alien Aishas. Arlera has tried to ask, but all Momo replies with is a strange mumbling noise that sounds like "mo mo." Arlera must have taken a liking to the strange Petpet, though, as they have been travelling through Neopia together since Year 12.

When it comes to personality, Arlera and Momo are day and night. Arlera won't think twice before buying a whole new outfit, while Momo takes not the least bit of interest in Neopian fashion. Arlera has tried to explain that the sprig of holly Momo wears is a Christmas accessory, but Momo stubbornly refuses to take it off. Arlera suggested Red Poppies (to match Momo's markings) as an alternative, but Momo simply wasn't interested.

Arlera has tried to give Momo Petpetpets in the past, but Momo has eaten every single one. In fact, Momo has eaten a lot of things, including several important letters and a number of Arlera's shoes (Arlera has a lot of shoes, so she doesn't seem to mind too much). After the time Momo managed to find a way into the kitchen and eat three large Chocolate Cakes Arlera threatened action with a diet, but one sorrowful look from Momo was enough for Arlera to forgive the poor Petpet.

For all of the little beast's faults, it must be said Momo is a talented creature. Counting to ten, completing simple jigsaw puzzles, and yowling loudly at other Petpets are among Momo's many skills. We suspect Momo might even be psychic, as the Petpet's markings have been known to glow brightly when danger is near. Arlera is currently trying to teach Momo to recognise different colours, but whether this will improve Momo's fashion sense only time will tell.

Momo also seems to have an impeccable sense of direction, which comes in handy when Arlera is travelling through a new part of Neopia. Perhaps Momo was an interplanetary traveller before being found by Arlera, as the Petpet does seem to be unusually good at exploring? When Arlera is busy reading, Momo often goes off wandering for several hours, sometimes returning with strange, foreign-looking souvenirs. On the occasions Arlera has gotten lost, she knows she can rely on Momo to lead the way, bouncing along as confidently as always.

Although not originally from Neopia, Momo is just like any other cat in that the little creature just loves to snuggle up with Arlera and be read a good story. On cold winter evenings, Arlera and Momo can usually be found curled up in front of the fire, reading adventure stories and dreaming of the adventures they'll go on in the spring.

We still aren't sure what Momo really is or why Momo likes the taste of Fermented Fish Tart so much. However, as strange a pair as these two may be, there are few 'pets and Petpets as inseparable as Arlera and Momo.

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