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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Harold
Owner: rwar
Pet Name: Xhavn
Breed: Tamed Mini-Monster

About Harold:
"Let's go, Harry!" The Aisha gestured for her Petpet to follow. Even as a Mini-Monster, Harold towered over Xhavn. He peered at her, finished chewing the tree he had been picking at, and shuffled over to her side.

Harry's height shaded the contemplative creases that folded across Xhavn's expression. She wasn't quite sure where to go from here, as the forest bordering Shenkuu all looked so similar in this area. Xhavn scrunched her nose, annoyed at herself. Harold noticed this and gave her a playful flitter of his wings.

Xhavn gazed at the beast. His chest was a turquoise blue that began to mottle with a deeper, darker turquoise at his waist. His face, too, was mottled with mixtures of blue. His horns extended and curved, breaking free from his raggedy bunch of muted yellow fur that clung to the top of his head like a bad haircut. His nose was as big as her head, and when he sneezed, well... it was gross. On his back tiny wings were placed, probably as a joke. They fluttered every now and then with excitement or nervousness, but they were much too small to carry the beast anywhere. Harold gave a soft grunt, as if inquiring of Xhavn's thoughts. She gave his wrist, which matched the height of her waist, a reassuring pet.

"OKAY, HAROLD!" she exclaimed, formulating a plan as she began the next few words. Harry wouldn't care much about the details. He had always been happy to be by her side, but she felt that his loyalty had entitled him to know. "We'll need to get up higher." She pointed to the treetops, which dwarfed even above Harold. His immediate reaction was to reach for the nearest branch, which out-girthed Xhavn, and rip it from the tree. Xhavn let out an incredulous gasp as she shook her head in gentle disagreement. Harry seemed to realize that he had the wrong idea and shoveled the entire branch into his mouth. His cheeks puffed out like a Bloopy, slyly stealing its pet's dinner.

Xhavn ignored this and repeated her initial statement with a sterner tone. "We need to get up HIGHER." She knew this wouldn't be any more clarifying to the beast, but she followed it with two consecutive pointing motions.

Harold's wings fluttered in a bristle of excitement. He rammed his nose into Xhavn and she tumbled onto his back. She was unsure what was happening in this moment, but clung tightly to the hair that veiled the top of his head and shoulders. His wings continued to flutter and beat, and soon they were hovering. Xhavn felt her stomach churning as they began to soar toward the treetops. She turned in each direction until, finally, spotting the cliffs of Shenkuu in the North.

In the giddiness of the moment, she shouted to Harold with her finger pointed in the direction of the gleaming city barely visible through the mist. "TO THE NORTH!" Harry grunted with understanding and took a huge chomp out of a nearby treetop. With a sigh, she tried again. "To the North!" She pointed in the direction of the city with the two consecutive pointing gestures and the pair sailed the air toward adventure.

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