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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Diablo
Owner: ilovechocolate4321
Pet Name: yajirouchan
Breed: Fire Werhond

About Diablo:
The silence of the tranquil night was broken only by the sound of a pocket watch marking time as Yajirouchan the ghost Aisha walked through the night. The lights of the fireflies twinkled high above her head, often landing on her tall ears.

She had been tasked with finding some bread by her older brother Cucombanana, but she had decided to get a pet instead of bread, as she'd gotten some free bread from someone who was just finishing up having a bake sale. Sometimes walking on her hind legs and, at other times, on all four, she eventually came across a shop that was having a sale. Yaji opened the bell ringing door and was greeted by a Fire Werhond.

He typically stood his ground, yet was comfortable around the Aisha. A Shoyru waved, beckoning for her to have some cookies. "Welcome to my humble store! How may I help you?" Yaji picked up the Fire Werhond and placed him on the counter. "700 NP is the cost," he said. Yaji's ears perked up. That was a deal!

Picking up her new pet, she ran outside, forgetting the cookies.

Soon, though, the navigation of the fireflies was proving more useless by the second, as they were being eaten by some flying Crokabek. The Aisha was lost in the woods and couldn't float because she needed energy. She was hungry. "I should've gotten some of those cookies," she said with a sigh. Suddenly, the little Petpet hopped from her arms and bounded across the shadowed woods. "Hey! Wait for me!" she called after him.

For such a small creature he was fast! The Werhond bounded through the woods. After a while he found her house without using directions, except smell. Cucombanana ran out, holding a dish platter.

"Yajirouchan! I told you to be back by sunset! It's at least eleven!" She handed him the bread and picked up the little Petpet. The Poogle eyed him. "What is that?"

She rolled her eyes. "It's a Petpet, genius. He helped me find my way home. I've named him Diablo."

The Poogle sighed hopefully as he pet the fire-painted Petpet. "Well, Diablo, if you can find anyplace without needing directions, then that's a job worthy enough for my little sister to keep."

She opened her eyes wide. "You really mean I can keep Diablo?"

He smiled warmly, then answered. "Yes. You've got a great Petpet for keeping you in shape, kid!"

Diablo is still around, but is far too lazy after eating some cake and will not go anywhere. He still makes a good bodyguard, however. After getting a new little sister, Yaji felt older already, but she still gets pushed around by her older siblings (an Usul named Snow Bloom and Cucombanana the Poogle). However, neither of those Neopets will ever forget the little flamed helper and how he saved their sister from the evils that pass through the night.

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