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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Keri
Owner: kazkin
Pet Name: Nullheim
Breed: Kepru

About Keri:
A long time ago, a group of Keprus was known to be the best at pulling pranks on everyone. They would steal food right from under folks' noses and hide them in the sands, then laugh at the victims' attempts to find their lost items. They would also take rare items and exchange them with similar, low-rarity ones. It was general mayhem, with mostly harmless pranks.

One Kepru was very inquisitive and especially good at sneaking past security without being noticed, helping the others by scouting ahead for any danger. He wasn't the strongest of the group, but for sure he was the fastest and would always do some acrobatic moves if possible. The team relied on him a lot, since the Kepru's skills allowed them to prepare better.

One day, however, the team was caught off-guard and taken by the Defenders of Neopia when they were sleeping. The group's activities had them on the Defenders' emergency list and they had been found overnight. Thanks to the sneaky Kepru, the group managed to get to their backup plan and escaped underground. From that day forward, there were no more reports or incidents involving them, so they were considered disbanded.

A few days passed and the heat in the Lost Desert had grown harsher. Nullheim, a big Kanrik fan and aspiring thief, was walking with his latest stolen batch of items, wondering why he hadn't stolen a drink or two to counter the heat. Tired, he sat down for a while and, panting, wiped the sweat off his forehead. In the distance, he saw a tiny pink dot that was getting increasingly bigger and thought that he was hallucinating. That is, until the Kepru barked to get his attention. "Hey, little guy. Are you lost too?" he asked tiredly. The heat was really getting to him.

The Kepru had its ears upright, eyes on the bundle of stuff beside the Gelert. It hopped a few times toward the way it had come from, looking back at the Gelert.

"What, you want me to follow? Do you know something I don't?" The Kepru barked twice, wanting the Gelert to hurry. "Fine, fine... well, you're from around here, right? Lead the way, then." He took the stolen batch in his arms again and followed the Kepru (who had to stop several times during the way), leading him to a hole in the sand. The way the sand moved made him realize there was an open space here, digging to reach a fairly large room, which was part of a series of underground caves. In one corner, there was a small mountain of random items of varying rarities -- leftovers from the time the Kepru was part of the disbanded ground.

"Wow, I never thought this was here. Is this all yours?" The Kepru nodded; it had been living here since then. "Do you mind if I stayed with you?" He smirked, then continued. "I mean, I do need to have a place to stash all my stolen goods." Nullheim walked around and inspected the surroundings, smiling. "Do you have a name, little guy? How about Keri? Yeah? You like it?" The Kepru had its ears upright again, tail wagging. It was happy it wouldn't be alone anymore, plus Nullheim was a fellow thief. The Kepru agreed by jumping on the Gelert's shoulder and licking his face. "Alright, let's make the most of our partnership!"

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