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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Jeego
Owner: inkyblackknight
Pet Name: Brianey
Breed: Faerie Zomutt

About Jeego:
"And one... two... three!"

We were at it again! Bri and I were always up to mischief around Neopia. We'd gotten quite a reputation for getting on the food shopkeeper's nerves for hiding stock and taking food before it'd had a chance to go on sale. We'd just sneaked into the back room and taken down one of the boxes labeled "important stock." Maybe we'd get super lucky and find some gourmet food in there today? Brianey tore open the box with her sharp claws and opened the lid. I jumped inside; this was our routine. She'd get the boxes and open them, and then send me inside to see if I could find anything we could benefit from.

"Anything good in there, Jeegs?" she called to me.

I sniffed around inside the box when something did catch my attention. I barked and Brianey looked into the box to see what I had found.

"What's in that bag?"

I tore open the bag with my teeth, and inside I saw many purple fruit-like things. I'm not exactly that bright, so what these food items are called is beyond me. However, Brianey shrieked excitedly at the find.

"Purple Neggs! Bingo!"

She pulled me and the bag of "Neggs" out of the box. As she did, we heard a shout coming from the main shop.

"What was that noise?!?"

Uh oh. The shopkeeper knew we were here! Before I had chance to do anything else, Brianey scooped me up, grabbed the bag, and jumped out of the open window we'd gotten in through, leaving the stock box discarded on the floor. Just as we'd left, the angry Chia stomped into the room.

"What's going on in here?!?" we heard him shout from inside. "I don't believe it -- it's those thieves AGAIN, I just know it!"

Brianey and I had to stop ourselves from laughing, as we were just hiding under the window. She looked into the bag again at the Neggs.

"We can take these to The Negg Faerie in Terror Mountain! I bet that we'd get so many Negg tokens for them... and then, maybe we can get my sister the Genius Negg she's been trying to get!"

Even if Brianey and I did steal, we only ever did it for the family. I've heard her sister Pywryte has been trying to get one of those things for quite a while. Something about how she wants to be cleverer than her genius brother or something... anyhow, Brianey suddenly looked to me and stood up.

"We'd better get going before that Chia starts looking for us!"

We turned on our heels instantly. Knowing us, we'd probably be back next week for more. It's actually kind of cool, living life with that kind of excitement, and Bri's owner would never know what we get up to....

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