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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Batty
Owner: coursed
Pet Name: Batrophied
Breed: Barbat

About Batty:
The sun had set, and twilight had painted the scenery a deep blue as the shadows enveloped the countryside. Though most Neopians were settling into a good night's sleep, some were just waking up. One such creature was Batrophied, a young Korbat, and his Petpet Batty, a Barbat. They often roosted together in a cave system near the center of the Haunted Woods, and tonight they awoke with mischief on their minds. The pair had been troublemakers since the very beginning, stirring up the residents of the towns and villages surrounding the forests. With Halloween fast approaching they had been dreaming up tricks for weeks, and it was finally time to put a few to the test.

The pair swooped down from where they'd been sleeping, hanging upside down in between impressive stalactites, and out through the cave's wide mouth. They flew quietly together -- not speaking, but moving as one -- the large dark form of the Korbat flying gracefully over his smaller winged companion. They landed carefully on a sturdy, fruit-laden tree branch in the canopy of the forest. They both fed from the ripe apples hanging there before gliding off toward the village at the edge of the forest that they often visited.

Almost at once they came upon a young grey Wocky, who'd been travelling on a dirt path toward the village square. With mischievous grins, they dove down and ruffled her fur with their wings. She screamed, throwing her paws up over her head and dropping her bag of groceries on the path. The duo cackled and disappeared into the darkness, leaving the Wocky to scold them as she picked up her fruit and bread. They flew on, further into the village, rattling doors and windows. However, they soon discovered a small Gelert wandering through the village square on its own. It appeared to be a very young pup, so rather than frighten him, both Batrophied and Batty landed and introduced themselves, though Batty simply squeaked.

Though he had been crying, the Gelert was delighted to meet the tiny black creature. He picked up Batty and hugged him tightly, giggling as the Barbat squirmed from his arms and flew around his head, squeaking happily. Batty then landed on the toddler's shoulder and snuggled against his tan cheek, purring quietly. Batrophied took the Gelert by the hand and they began searching for his family. They went from home to home, until a kind villager pointed them in the direction of a beautiful cottage at the outskirts of town. As the trio approached the front gate, they discovered that the Gelert's family was asleep, and that he had wandered out through the front door and opened the gate after having a nightmare. They knocked politely and delivered the pup to his grateful family, which offered each of them an apple for their help.

Batrophied and Batty accepted the gifts gratefully, gobbled them up, and waved goodbye. It was getting late, though. Lifting into the sky, they returned to their cave as the sun slowly rose for a good day's sleep.

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