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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Mops
Owner: islandmami15
Pet Name: Thronia
Breed: Barlow

About Mops:
Mops pranced (or, rather, waddled quite humorously) across the glossy checkered floor. The little bone charm on his diamond-embellished collar jingled and chimed as he hurried along his way. A servant holding a tray full of delicate china let out a little squeal and struggled to steady herself as the fat little Barlow pup rounded a corner, almost colliding with her. He glanced at her over his shoulder with a look of annoyance and let out a small huff before making his way into the kitchen.

Mops loved this room more than any other room in the entire palace. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and inhaled the air and all its rich flavors. His sensitive nose easily picked out his favorites among the various scents that filled the room. Fresh Altador Buns, Beef Wellington, Creamy Carrot Soup, Exotic Sliced Truffles, and Ham Casserole... just to name a few. He happily licked his lips in anticipation and finally seated himself (or, rather, plopped down quite lazily) in front of a shiny gold bowl and matching plaque that displayed his name in curly decorative letters.

The kitchen was bustling a bit more than usual, but Mops failed to notice, as he was too busy trying to imagine which deliciously prepared meal was going to be placed in his empty dish. Some time had gone by before Mop's tummy decided to let out a little gurgle. Now, if you've ever owned a Barlow before, then you know how upsetting the thought of an empty stomach can be to them. Utterly offended by the lack of attention to his needs, Mops very eloquently voiced his displeasure (or, rather, barked quite noisily) at those walking nearby. Cook after scullery maid after server walked by, but Mop's beautiful golden bowl remained empty.

Mops couldn't believe the negligence of these servants and decided to take the matter up with Queen Thronia -- after all, he was her's. Thronia adored Mops to no end and would be horrified for certain at the behavior of her subjects. He hotly set off to seek her out and found her in the garden, sipping hot Borovan, deep in conversation with the Comtess. Mops very gracefully leaped (or, rather, pounced quite clumsily) upon Thronia's lap and lovingly nudged her lacy gloved hand. He then politely interjected himself into the conversation (or, rather, whined quite pathetically) in an attempt to gain Thronia's attention. Instead, though, that same gloved hand met with the magic spot behind his ears and her conversation with the Comtess continued.

Mops sulked away feeling defeated. He wondered how this could ever happen to him. Thronia always set out clear instructions for Mops' meals, followed by a Meaty Lupe Treat or two... or three. His stomach continued to grumble and he let out a much deserved (or, rather, a quite exaggerated) sigh. Mops made his way to his Luxury Castle Petpet Bed, thoroughly sullen, and rested his head upon his paws. He was positive that he must be the most miserable, most mistreated, most unwanted, most unloved Petpet in all of Neopia. Mops was so busy feeling sorry for himself that he didn't even hear them calling his name.

"There you are, Mops!" Thronia said as she lifted the fat Barlow pup to her chest. Mops defiantly placed his nose in the air. He was still angry with her for ignoring him earlier, but then he smelled it -- a mouth-watering, sticky sweet, spice smell. Mops knew that scent anywhere... it was CAKE!!!

"Joyeux Anniversaire, Mops! Happy birthday!" the entire royal court exclaimed as Thronia entered into the ballroom with Mops still clutched at her chest. However, once again he didn't hear them (or, rather, he ignored them quite rudely), as he was too busy staring at the enormous cake in front of him.

Thronia placed Mops in front of his beloved gold bowl, and though it was still empty, the little Barlow couldn't stop wagging his curled tail with excitement. With the wave of a beautifully gloved hand, a giant slice of cake was placed before him and, without a moment's hesitation, Mops courteously (or, rather, quite sloppily) indulged himself. The cook politely bowed and asked the queen, "Should we bring out the first course now, Your Highness?" Thronia shook her head in disapproval and replied with a smile, "Let them eat cake!"

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