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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Fitzpatrick
Owner: legendaerie
Pet Name: Kobb
Breed: Naleap

About Fitzpatrick:
Fitzpatrick hops and flutters, tiny claws digging into the large plates on his owner's back. The uneven sway of Kobb's steps make Fitzpatrick waver like he's on a branch in the wind, and he whistles an easy, breezy tune for accompaniment.

"Not today, Fitzy," Kobb mumbles, voice pitched low. Fitzpatrick falls obediently, understandably silent.

He flutters his wings when his owner trips, trying to catch his own balance as Kobb loses his, and Fitzpatrick twitters instantly in concern.

Kobb hauls himself back onto his stumpy legs and doesn't answer Fitzpatrick's query.

The Chomby doesn't speak at all, not until he's home and has to answer the immediate question a Pirate Draik hurls at him.

"Any change, Kobb?"

"Just a loss in hit points."

The Draik clicks her tongue in sympathy, the Lyins in her lap scuttling up onto the back of the couch to chitter gently at Fitzpatrick. He chirps back, then digs his claws in as Kobb starts to trundle up the stairs.

"'Night, Fitzpatrick," Kobb mutters as he flops down into his too-small bed, despite the fact that it's late afternoon and they both know that he'll wake up in the middle of the night if he sleeps now. Fitzpatrick just flutters to the window and draws the blinds, enveloping the world in comforting darkness.

He hops along the floor in the darkness, avoiding the clothes Kobb had outgrown only a couple of weeks before and had yet to really replace, and resumes his perch on the spines along Kobb's back.

His 'good night' chirp of goes unanswered.


Kobb's gained defense points when he emerges the next day, and he walks on four legs he's barely used to with more confidence than before. Fitzpatrick hops alongside him this time, chittering a conversation to fill the air with distracting white noise as they head home to the Darigan Citadel.

"Let's make a detour," Kobb informs Fitzpatrick, swinging his neck in the direction of the Healing Springs with a smile that's familiar no matter what face Kobb is wearing. Fitzpatrick senses Kobb's boost in mood and swoops past the Chomby's face, trilling his joy through sweet music.

The water tastes sweet when Fitzpatrick sneaks a sip, Kobb lashing out with his tail in a sloppy movement that sends a massive, imprecise wave toward the little Naleap. He chirps in reply, taking flight and soaring high above Faerieling. Droplets of enchanted water roll off his feathers, glittering in the sunlight, before he tucks his wings in and dives.

He pulls up just before hitting the water and, instead, lands on Kobb's head and gloats.

"Oh, sure you beat me. Watch this!"

The Chomby then takes a deep breath and dives under the water entirely, leaving Fitzpatrick to flap and squawk in protest as his perch became submerged. Ruby scales glimmer under the water and the Naleap tries to track the movements... but he's too slow.

Kobb resurfaces with a rush of air and a spray of water, tackling his tiny Petpet and somersaulting back into the water. Bubbles swirl around them, chaotic and confusing -- Fitzpatrick doesn't feel any fear, however.

He doesn't understand why Kobb throws himself in front of the lab ray, day after day after day. He doesn't know if there's something specific Kobb has in mind for himself -- or herself, as the ray sometimes decides to change -- but Fitzpatrick is determined to love Kobb no matter what he changes because, on the inside, Kobb will always be Kobb to Fitzpatrick.

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