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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Nibbles
Owner: eevetta
Pet Name: Aoxi
Breed: Mimbi

About Nibbles:
Aoxi was found reclining on her bed, watching her Mimbi as it was coaxing Chistania's new Spring Babaa into playing some games with him. Haru (the Babaa's name) was still skittish around her new surroundings, and Nibbles decided that it was his job to make sure she felt right at home. The faerie Ixi turned to see her newest sister stare in awe at the way her Petpet expertly got her shy Babaa to actually play a game of tag around the room.

"Wow, Nibbles is amazing. Even I have trouble getting Haru to play with the others," Chistania sighed in envy.

"While he may not be the eldest of the Petpets here, Nibbles is the most experienced at getting the others to interact. Without him, there would be more fights here than there are Neopets in Neopia."

"Heh, must be tough. Hey Xixi (the nickname she calls Aoxi), it just popped into my head, but how did you get Nibbles?" the cloud Cybunny inquired with pleading eyes. "I know Mama bought him for you, but what made you choose him in the first place? I wasn't born yet when you got him. How did you meet?"

Aoxi rubbed her chin in thought as she tried recalling the event. "Well, it happened like this..."


They were once again in The Lost City of Geraptiku, on their way to the Deserted Tomb. Truthfully, Aoxi had never liked going in there, because 75 percent of the time they either all left empty handed, were injured with those blasted arrows, or crossed paths with the giant Ghost Hissi that wanted to eat them.

"Come on, guys. Why the long faces? Cheer up, I'm sure we'll be successful today!"

Aoxi and her siblings sighed at their owner's optimistic pep talk. That was what she had said the previous month, and still they hadn't found any treasure. They didn't argue, though, and wearily stepped into the old tomb for what seemed like the hundredth time.

Aoxi paused, however, as she saw a small shadow moving through the foliage out of the corner of her eye. A head poked out and stared at the Ixi with a hard and inquisitive look before turning away and running toward the city. It was a Mimbi. She had heard of the city's Petpet shop, but her owner had yet to take them there for her to get a Petpet of her own.

"Aoxi, what are you still doing outside? Don't get cold feet, now. C'mon!" her owner called out. Aoxi had to remember to ask her owner about visiting the shop after their trip. She took one look back in the direction that the Mimbi had run before taking off after the others.

30 minutes later, Aoxi and her family came out of the tomb with huge smiles on their faces. They had managed to find some of the tomb's treasure, and the Ixi couldn't help but glow at the sight of her owner carrying an Orn Codestone and a Bottled Earth Faerie. They were also several Neopoints richer, even if it wasn't much. The Ixi went with her plan to ask about going to the Geraptiku Petpet shop, and after another couple of minutes of walking through the city and asking directions, they arrived at their destination.

There was no shopkeeper there to greet them, but they did find a large sign saying that any NPs spent would need to go into the small jar next to it. Aoxi shrugged before trying to go and see if she could find the Mimbi she'd spotted earlier. She managed to find a batch of them at a corner, but realized that none of them was the one she'd seen earlier. Feeling kind of down for some strange reason, she decided to see if another kind of Petpet would click with her.

Nothing. None of the others, no matter how cool or cute looking, told her that they were 'the one.' Sighing, Aoxi told her owner that nothing had caught her fancy, so they all made their way to leave, until something barreled into her at full speed. There was a small squeak as the object that hit her tumbled onto the ground and hit a pile of worn books. Everyone was silent for a while before the Petpets were heard laughing with mirth. Her own siblings joined in after a few awkard moments, and her owner followed suit after making sure that both her Neopet and the small Petpet weren't showing any signs of injury.

Aoxi looked at what had hit her and saw, to her amazement, the very same Mimbi she had spotted earlier near the tomb. Running toward the embarrassed Petpet, she smiled at it and nuzzled the little critter in happiness. She then turned to her owner and smiled brightly.

"I want this one, or I'll sue it for running me over!"


"And that's how it happened," Aoxi finished, smiling at the now-laughing Cybunny on the floor. Their Petpets stared at them in wonder, and the Ixi did nothing but pick up her Petpet and nuzzle him. "I found out he had a habit of leaving the shop and wandering around the outskirts of the city. Many of the inhabitants commented on how he was either very brave or stupid to wander about the ruins and forest by himself."

"So, what did you think?" Chistania questioned once she got herself composed. Her sister merely smiled.

"He's neither of those things, he's just a Mimbi with a large dose of curiousity... and do you know how he satisfies his curiousity?" Chistania shook her head no. The Ixi grinned, then said, "He nibbles on them."

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