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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Krispie
Owner: denryu
Pet Name: Kiraichu
Breed: Snowbunny

About Krispie:
"Krispie, fetch me my staff!"

"Krispie, I can't find the last piece of this puzzle!"

"Krispie, where in the name of Fyora have you put my hairbrush?!?"

I bolt and bustle, I hurry and hustle around our home trying to fulfill my owner's wishes. It's great being a Snowbunny when in a hurry; it takes me about ten seconds to run around our entire place and find whatever the flamboyant faerie Lutari that owns me is looking for at the time. Just a short run through the hallway, a jump over the camouflage Ruki who is still asleep on the couch, and a slide under the wardrobe where the faerie Lutari carelessly threw her hairbrush the last time she used it.

"Wow, that was quick! That must be your new record!" the faerie Lutari (whose name is Kiraichu) says as I hop back into her room, the blue hairbrush in my mouth. She smiles widely as I jump onto her lap and give the brush to her. Kiraichu gives me a really nice scratch behind the ears as a thank you while brushing her bright green fur. It isn't the easiest job to be the Petpet of a princess, but even harder when you're supposed to be the Petpet of a fun-loving (but very, very forgetful) faerie Lutari who thinks she should be the next queen of Neopia.

Kiraichu sure likes to tell everyone she's some kind of a long-lost princess of Lutari Island or whatever and be treated as such, but the moment she's supposed to be responsible about something she just laughs and continues to play around like a baby Lutari. She probably would lose her own tail if it wasn't for me actually keeping a record of where things are left and my desire to keep everything tidy. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a Petpet or a maid, but in the end I don't really care. Kiraichu is my best friend no matter what, and I will be forever loyal to her.

Once, I used to live with a bunch of other Snowbunnies on Terror Mountain, spending my days hopping around in deep snow with my older brother and friends. It was fun, I admit; I spent so much time just running and jumping around in the snow that I eventually became the fastest Snowbunny of the bunch. All the time, however, I felt like I wanted to do something else, something that would make me stand out from all of the other Snowbunnies. You get that feeling after living your whole life with Petpets who, for the most part, look and act exactly like you. All of us liked running and jumping around, all of us had the same blue eyes... all of us even had the exact same shade of white in our fur. We did the same things day in and day out, and eventually I grew sick of it.

I decided to leave, just like that. I ran away from our herd of Snowbunnies and decided to go somewhere where I could stand out. I decided to run south, where there wouldn't be so many Snowbunnies around. Maybe I could even try to find the legendary Rainbow Fountain and take a dip in it to get a new colour!

Those dreams were pretty much forgotten after a couple of miles of running, though. I may be the fastest Snowbunny, but it doesn't mean I don't get tired after a while. My paws were hurting and I had to take a break. I decided to turn back after a small rest. After all, I was a rather small Snowbunny. There was no way I could run all the way from Terror Mountain to Faerieland, or anywhere else. I curled up by a tall pine tree and quickly fell asleep.

If you've ever been to Terror Mountain, then you'll know that snowstorms are nothing out of the ordinary around here.

When I woke up from my rest, I couldn't really see anything from the snow, or hear anything because of the wind. My trail had completely disappeared, and I didn't know which way to go. I started to panic, and just started running around without aim. I had to get home somehow!

After a few minutes, I spotted something colorful in the distance. It wasn't home, but it was something. I ran straight at the colorful thing, not even bothering to slow down a bit before bumping right into it. The colorful faerie Lutari screamed as she fell into the cold snow, but I just clung to her fur, happy that I had managed to find someone.

"What do you think you're doing, you peasant! Now I have to brush my fur again and... oh, Sloth! There's snow under my cape!" The Lutari shivered, trying to stand up and frantically wipe the snow off while trying to get me to let go of her. I didn't let go, but I did help her get rid of the snow. It was the least I could do after crashing into her like that, and she seemed to appreciate the gesture.

"What are you doing running around like that, little Snowbunny?" she asked me after we had both calmed down a bit. "Are you lost, or just cold? Oh, wait, Snowbunnies don't get cold, do they?" The Lutari laughed a bit, picking me up on her arms with a little curious look in her eyes. "I guess you aren't your average Snowbunny... how about you come with me for now? You can wait for the storm to end at our place..." she suggested. I gave her a small nod, making myself comfortable in her arms.

It wasn't a long way to the Lutari's home, where three other Neopets -- a Lupe, a Ruki, and an Ixi -- were already waiting for her.

"There you are Kiraichu, and it seems you even found a Petpet that you like. What are you going to name her?" the tall and somewhat scary looking Ruki asked Kiraichu when she came in with me in her arms.

"Nah, there weren't any nice Petpets anywhere in Happy Valley. This Snowbunny just ran right into me when I was on my way home, and I promised her she could stay until the storm is over. Now, if you'll excuse me, my fur is all tangled up..." Kiraichu said, putting me on the floor and going into her room.

After five seconds, I heard her shout. "Where is my hairbrush?!?"

I looked around a bit and spotted a bright blue hairbrush lying under her bed. I crawled under the bed to pick it up, and quickly brought it back to Kiraichu. She was clearly grateful, and I was happy. This was something I could get used to, where I could shine.

The snowstorm lasted for the whole day, and in that time I had already had to find at least fifty different items for Kiraichu. The camouflage Ruki, Khartas, said that it was like watching an endless succession of faerie quests, whatever that meant. It wasn't all I did that day, though. Me and Kiraichu also had a lot of fun jumping on the couch, and after Khartas had driven us away from there, on his bed. She also built me a small obstacle course for fun, after noticing how fast I was.

The snowstorm had subsided by the evening, but I no longer wanted to leave, nor did Kiraichu want to let me go, either. We'd had so much fun together already, and a forgetful Lutari like Kiraichu obviously needed me around the house. I thought it wouldn't get any better, but then she also fulfilled my wish. She tied a small red ribbon on my ear, so that everyone would know that I wasn't your average Snowbunny. I wasn't just one of many... I was special.

Kiraichu and I haven't spent much time together yet, but everybody can tell that we are the best of friends. I go wherever Kiraichu goes, and I always help her whenever she needs me. She, in turn, takes care of me, and makes sure to remind me every day what a special little Snowbunny I am.

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