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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: snowip
Owner: jjquil
Pet Name: feinly
Breed: Snow Slorg

About snowip:
It was late morning when Feinly awoke in her garden.

Yawning and stretching stiffly, the white Bori emerged from her resting place feeling a bit lethargic. She shuffled over to drink her Sun Tea and enjoy the Shenkuu morning. As she sat on the warm stone, her large ears swiveled back and forth, catching the sounds of nature. She could hear the rustling and yipping of a pair of Juma playfully dashing through the bamboo further up the hillside. Gikerots were creeping from their hiding places to find a sunny spot where they could spend the afternoon. This place was amazing to her, so verdant and full of life. She sipped the floral tea, feeling contented. It came to her a passing thought at first -- there were so many native creatures living wild on the mountain. What if she captured herself a Petpet?

It wouldn't be a concern for today, she mused, knowing that her gardening had to take priority. But... it was a little lonely out here all by herself. Feinly was well accustomed to living a solitary life, but she knew that socialization didn't have to be scary. Maybe some sort of small companion would be a good thing for her, give her motivation to do her best work. She sipped at the tea, contemplating this. She'd never had a Petpet before. It was a bit intimidating to consider, the responsibility of raising a living being. Perhaps she would gather some scrolls on the subject.

It was then that her sensitive ears caught the sounds of something nearby. There was a rustling noise, accompanied by some sort of gnawing. From where she stood, Fein could see several patches of weeds and sprouts of bamboo; pulling them out was to be her task today, to make room for the flowers and pretty things she did want growing here. There was nothing large enough to notice from this vantage point, but a flicker of movement caught her eye.

Feinly held her breath, anxiously peering at something small and white behind the weeds. There, it moved again! Some... thing, some creature, had invaded her place of solitude while she slept! Steeling her nerves, the Bori set down her teacup and edged closer, her tail lashing back and forth nervously behind her. Was it dangerous? It did not strike her as one of the colorful creatures she knew from the wilderness here. She had seen wintry Petpets before -- Feepits, Polarchucks, Yullies -- but never a Slorg, which was the true name for this interloper. Instinctively, though, she knew that this little gastropod was intent on eating her plants.

Feinly watched the white creature inch its way closer and closer toward one of the bamboo shoots, much to her agitation. How could she repel it? She was a pacifist in every sense of the word, incapable of confrontation, or even raising her voice. Was this to be the end of her entire garden project, devoured before it even had a chance to grow? The weeds were unimportant, but if she could not remove the Slorg and creatures like it, it would surely eat everything she planted. She fidgeted with her claws, visibly upset as the little Slorg began nibbling on the fresh bud.

The Petpet was gleefully oblivious to Feinly, gnawing at the plant while she leaned silently closer to study it. Her ears perked forward with interest as she noticed something -- the Petpet was made of snow! The moderate climate had not melted its body at all, but it was clearly composed of snow. It even had shiny black lumps of coal for eyes. It must be enchanted, she decided naively, since nothing made of normal snow could exist outside of the wintery mountains. Feinly then felt a strange fondness come over her. She would never see snow again if she remained in Shenkuu forever, but she could keep a little of it here with her in this form, and it could never melt no matter how brightly the sun shone. Plus, it would be easy to care for a creature that indiscriminately ate plants -- it could simply graze all day. She impulsively reached out and scooped up the tiny creature, marveling at how cold its body was. It burbled a greeting, shiny coal eyes bright with excitement.

"Snowip," she whispered, finally finding her voice. "I'll call you Snowip... you'll live here with me. If you like eating plants, I can teach you to eat weeds... and then we can be friends..."

Snowip squirmed happily, smiling up at the Bori. Feinly smiled in return, feeling a rush of confidence. She would never have a reason to be lonely or homesick for Terror Mountain, not with a little companion made of snow to follow her around. She set down the Slorg, watching as it inched its way back to the bamboo shoots, champing away with its tiny snowy teeth. It certainly seemed hungry.

Where had it come from, anyway? Snow Petpets were native to Terror Mountain, or so she had thought. She supposed it could have belonged to someone else, a trader perhaps, but out here in the wilderness it was obviously lost. Perhaps she should check in town to make sure no one was missing it before she officially adopted it as her own. She would hate for anyone to be upset with her for stealing their exotic Petpet. At least for now, she could give Snowip a home.

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