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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: stale
Owner: gypsychic420
Pet Name: FortunesWon
Breed: Candy Vampire

About stale:
Stale woke up, confused. He had no idea where he was at. Last he remembered he had been sitting quietly, minding his own business, on the shelf at the Spooky Petpets shop. As his muddled mind began to clear, bits and pieces started to come back to him. There was a sale... 1/2 price on all Petpets. That's right. The doors opened and so many Neopians flooded in... there was shouting and haggling... he was knocked over. Someone must have bought him while he was unconscious. Now, just to figure out where he was at.

It was really dark, but there was a faint light coming from above him. He made himself relax and let his eyes adjust to the darkness. After a few minutes he began to make out the shadowy shapes around him. At first he thought he was in a room, but after inspecting the walls he discovered they felt like some sort of paper material -- not nearly thick or durable enough to be a wall structure. To his left there was a Halloween Cog sitting on top of a pile of black heart licorice and Chocolate Silver Coins. A little behind that he could see a roll of Spooky Stickers and a Halloween Candy Heart Necklace hanging from a Halloween Cybunny Plushie. Oh no! His heart began to beat frantically as his eyes quickly darted to the right. NO! Just as he suspected -- a copy of Ylana Skyfire Saves Halloween and a plastic witch Usuki were nestled among Gummy Fish, Milk Chocolate Cherry Cordials, and a pair of Wax Lips. His heart plummeted as he looked down and saw he was sitting on top of a Spyder Eyeball Muffin wrapped in shiny orange plastic wrap. He sunk down, dejected, and buried his face in his hands. There was a bit of plastic paper with a Spooky Spyder Web Tattoo stuck to his elbow. Stale peeled it off and felt absolutely humiliated. He, a Candy Vampire, one of the most vicious of all Petpets, was trapped inside... a goodie bag.

"A goodie bag!" He could hardly bear the thought as he spit out the words. Goodie bags were for Neopets, and he didn't want to be attached to a Neopet. He enjoyed his solitary lifestyle. Neopets like rainbows, sunshine, waterfalls, and butterflies. He liked telling scary stories, dark spooky nights, stealing candy from other Petpets, sneaking around in the shadows, and scaring baby Xweetoks. He had no tolerance for pink items and plushies that glittered. He began to panic at the thought of one of these Neopets picking up their goodie bag, finding him, and inflicting upon him a life of singing songs about fluffy clouds, playing games, and being dressed in clothing with flowers on it.

Stale knew he had to remain calm and find a solution. He slowed his breathing and listened carefully. He didn't hear anything, so the party must not have started yet. "I must get out of this bag before it's too late!" He looked around at his surrounding again and was contemplating the notion of escape when he noticed a Halloween Candy Cane propped in the corner. The hook must be hanging off the edge of the bag, he thought. He quickly shimmied up the pole and made his way to the top of the bag. He was getting ready to inch over to the tip of the Halloween Candy Cane and jump to his freedom when he got a creepy feeling that something was watching him.

Stale glanced over his shoulder and saw two beady eyes peeking out from the top edge of the next goodie bag over, staring at him. He squinted and tried to get a better look. The staring eyes belonged to something with a light pink head and two tiny pink ears. Wow, he hated the color pink. The creature didn't move; it just kept staring at him with those two small eyes. Staring. Stale tried to shake off the creepy feeling and focus on his task at hand. He was almost at the edge when he made the mistake of looking over his shoulder again. The thing was STILL staring at him. A long, continuous gaze. Non-blinking, non-moving. Just staring. And staring. And staring. Stale made the mistake of meeting the creature's stare dead on and he got lost in it. He was hypnotized, momentarily, by the two small, beady eyes. It was a costly mistake on his part because, as he tried to regain focus again, a Mynci dressed in a reaper costume entered the room.

"Hey now, no running off!" the Mynci said to Stale as she plucked him up between two fingers and placed him gingerly back into the bottom of the bag. She grabbed the candy cane and set it gently down next to him. "I don't want one of my gift bags to be short a spooky Petpet," he heard her say as she closed the bag and left him sitting there in total darkness.

A few minutes later he heard the initial sounds of arriving partygoers. He kicked one of the Gummy Fish in frustration. He hated this.

Footsteps approached and he heard some exclaim, "Awesome! Goodie bags!" The paper around the top ruffled, then light flooded in as someone opened up the bag Stale was in. An Aisha dressed like a devil and a Nightseed Uni peered down from over the sides.

"OOH! A Candy Bampire. I LOVE Candy Vampires!" the Aisha exclaimed.

"No you don't," the Uni admonished. "No one likes Candy Vampires. Every year Neopians start to feel festive about fall and Halloween and they think they like Candy Vampires, but they really don't. Once you get it home and try it out, you'll remember that they're gross and have a personality kind of like sweet cardboard, and you'll wonder why you tried one out again. It happens every year." The Uni chuckled at the thought.

"You're right," the Aisha replied, laughing as well. "I'll grab this bag," she said as she reached for one toward the back of the table. "It has a Ghostkerchief in it."

This continued for a little while. Different Neopets approaching the table, contemplating Stale's bag, and then reminding themselves or each other that everyone always thinks they like the way Candy Vampires are, but no one genuinely does. Stale started to feel hopeful that he would get out of this situation unscathed and unattached.

Just then, he heard a commotion at the door. Someone was saying in a loud, angry voice, "I don't understand why you made me come. A party?!? MSP Poogles don't go to parties. Parties are for Neopets that like rainbows, chirping Weewoos, butterflies, and lavender hearts. MSP Poogles like the Battledome, hiding in the closets of baby Neopets, and overall bad behavior." Stale felt something he had never felt before as the voice got louder and angier, moving closer to the table where Stale was stuck. He felt sympathy and something akin to fondness for this Neopet. He understood exactly where she was coming from. "We don't drink punch in dry ice bowls or want goodie bags." As the voice put contempt-filled emphasis on the word bag Stale felt himself being lifted up. She must be using his bag as an example. The light flooded in once more as the Neopet belonging to the voice opened up the bag to examine its contents.

As Stale met the eyes of the Neopet he was empathizing with, he felt a wave of shock course through his body. This was like no other Neopet he had ever seen. Instead of sweet blue or green, this one had evil red eyes that were glowing. The normal friendly smile of your typical Neopet was replaced with rows of ferocious pointed teeth. Stale smiled, showing the Poogle his own row of sharp teeth, then gave him a wink with his own wicked eyes as he lifted up his arms to her.

Later that evening, as Stale was getting settled into his new bed, he thought to himself how awesome it was going to be to have a partner in crime. Causing mischief would be so much better with someone like-minded to enjoy it with. He had no idea that Malevolent Sentient Plushies existed, but he was overjoyed at being attached to one. He would never have to worry about being painted pink ever again. He was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't notice the two tiny staring eyes peering at him from underneath his dresser. Just staring....

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