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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Biki
Owner: seraphicbrie
Pet Name: chan
Breed: Snowbunny

About Biki:
Today I learned something about myself.

I woke up this morning with the bright sun beaming down on me. Its warmth filled me with a jubilation that I hadn't felt in months! Why is that, you might ask? Well, it's because summer is here! My name is Biki-chan, or Biki for short, and I am a Snowbunny. By Snowbunny, I mean I'm a bunny made of snow. Hee hee, I know it's corny, but this is MY story!

Now, I know what you're thinking: snow and summertime... those two things don't mix. Well, my owner, BakkieChan, didn't think so, either.

So, where was I? Oh yes, I woke up on the first day of summer with the sun beaming on my face and the loud snores of my owner in his bed. I went to greet him as I always do, by placing my cold nose on his cheek. Like he always does, he groaned and mumbled,"It's too cold..."

But unlike he always does, he then jumped up with a worried look on his face and shouted, "BUT IT'S SUMMER!"

Gingerly, he bounced out of bed, picked me up, and dashed out of our Meridell home.

"Summer's coming, Biki! We've gotta find someplace cold, or you're gonna melt away!" he muttered under his breath while clutching me close.

I was suddenly filled to my ears with dread. If I melted away, who was going to wake Bakkie every morning? Who would he hug at night? Who would eat all that Petpet food laying around in our cupboards?!? The thought of not being around Bakkie made me want to cry! I didn't want to melt away!

So, off we raced to find a nice cold spot! After what felt like hours of searching, Bakkie finally fell to his knees, breathless. We'd made it to Terror Mountain, a place that was always cold enough for snow. He gave me a tired and winded smile as he said, "There! Now you're safe from the summer. Let's have some fun, Biki!"

And fun we did have. We built snow forts, made snow faeries, and even got in a game of Snow Wars. The day couldn't have gotten any better, but things did turn for the worse when the sound of a rumbly Cybunny tummy overshadowed our joyful laughter. Bakkie sat up and dug into his pockets for snack money. Sadly, all that came out was a bunch of Carawool and one of those disgusting purple bugs from Roo Island (yuck!). He then looked down at me and said, "Biki, I'm going to run to Tyrannia to grab us a slice of omelette. It's really hot there, so you stay here and I'll be back as fast as I can!"

With that, Bakkie dashed off, and I was left all alone.

Don't get me wrong, being alone is great. I can do whatever I want, go wherever I want, chew on Snow Faerie slippers... huh

That's right, everyone. I managed to get myself in trouble by spacing out about my loneliness. I don't even remember when I put that slipper in my mouth. I figured that, if I just put it back exactly the way I had found it and went back to where I was supposed to wait for Bakkie, I'd be fine. The only problem was the giant angry Snow Faerie glaring down at me. Uh oh!

"What's wrong with you?" Taelia sneered. I was so frightened and I had nowhere to run; all I could do was cower in fear as she approached. Instead of feeling an icy blast, however, I was met with a gentle hand. Taelia lifted me into her arms and uttered, "I asked what's wrong? I sense a deep loneliness in your heart, and an even deeper sadness."

Oh, if only I could tell her about Bakkie and the summer and me melting! If only I could make her understand...

My thoughts were broken at the sound of Taelia's laughter. "So you thought you'd melt away with the advent of summer? Silly Snowbunny, snow Petpets don't work that way. So long as their owners love and cherish them, snow Petpets will never melt away, no matter how hot it gets. So tell me, little Snowbunny, does your owner care for you enough?"

We both knew the answer to that question, and with that I hopped out of her arms and bound away at top speed toward Tyrannia.

When I arrived at the giant omelette I saw Bakkie arguing with a fierce-looking Lupe.

"I told you! The omelette is all gone! Just wait a while and there will be more!" the Lupe growled.

"But I CAN'T wait! Biki's waiting for me! What if he thinks I deserted him? What if he’s in trouble?" Bakkie stamped his foot.

I had never seen Bakkie so adamant about anything. I never thought he'd have the courage to stand up against such a scary Lupe, especially not for a little piece of omelette. Moved, I hopped over to him and touched my cold nose to his leg.

"Biki!" Bakkie cried in delighted surprise. The delight on his face quickly turned to distress as he scooped me up, however. "I told you to wait on Terror Mountain! We have to hurry back before you melt! I-I don't want you to disappear!"

With that, I wiggled out of Bakkie's arms, hopped down to the ground and sat in the brightest, most glaring sun of the Tyrannian Plateau. While I sat in that blazing beam, not a single flake of my snow melted.

Awestruck, Bakkie picked me up once more and examined me while hugging me tight.

"Biki, how? Why aren't you melting? I was so scared..."

All I could do was snuggle into his hug and think to myself, Silly Bakkie, as long as you love me, as long as we are a family, I'll never melt away.

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