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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Saurus
Owner: stardreamer41392
Pet Name: Cibelle_45
Breed: Stego

About Saurus:
"Saurus!" Cibelle, a yellow Eyrie, called to her Petpet. The two were playing their favorite game, a sort of cat-and-mouse activity.

Me. Me. Saurus.

The tiny Stego circled on the soft grass, turning his neck to find the course that called his name.

Saurus. Me. Where?

A yellow flash from above and Saurus was tackled. The Stego flipped over under the body that pressed him to the ground.


Saurus chirruped happily at the sight of his Eyrie owner. Cibelle giggled and rolled over so her Stego Petpet was resting on her stomach. Saurus trumpeted with pride at being on top.


"So, Saurus, what do you want to do now?" Saurus twisted his head back and forth in indecision. "How about... this!"

Cibelle continued to chatter, but Saurus was distracted by the item she held in her hand. He waddled toward it.

Bright. Round. Shiny. Ball. Mine!

Saurus reached out to snag the ball in his mouth, but missed, somersaulting off of Cibelle’s stomach. Cibelle giggled again.

"I guess you are interested!"

Ball. Shiny. Play!

Saurus' wings buzzed in anticipation as Cibelle wound up. She released the ball, shooting it into the tall grass.

"Whoops! Wait, Saurus, I'll get it!"

It was too late, though. Saurus had already shot after it -- half-walking, half-galloping. His front legs, being on the short side, couldn't stretch very far, but his hind legs propelled him further. In this fashion, his hind legs often overtook his front legs, tripping him. He would vibrate his wings, lifting him slightly off the ground just long enough for him to untangle himself before they gave out. He didn't care how comical he looked, though. His thoughts were on only one thing.

Shiny. Bright. Ball. Mine. Mine, mine!!!

Saurus dove headfirst into the tall grass. He hopped forward a few steps, the stopped.

Where ball? Ball gone!

"Saurus! Come back!"

Saurus heard Cibelle calling for him, but he was too focused. He sniffed the ground, trying in vain to smell the ball. His wings flapped furiously -- an extension of his focus. Saurus stretched his neck down further to reach the ground, and then further still. He couldn't touch the ground! He honked and pedaled his legs, but he still couldn't touch the ground.

No! Down! Ball! BALL!

"Saurus!" Cibelle called him once more, and this time he looked. She was searching through the tall grass. He honked and she turned. A huge smile spread across her face as she leaped toward him. Using her wings to glide, Cibelle tackled Saurus out of the air.

"You were flying, Saurus! You're amazing!"


Saurus let his head fall back and hit the ground. As soon as he did, he wriggled and struggled out of Cibelle's grasp. He tumbled around and galloped away. He trumpeted once before returning, pushing the ball with his snout.

Ball! Shiny! Mine! Mine!

He trumpeted proudly at Cibelle before trying to wrap his mouth around the ball. Of course, every time he tried, the ball would roll away as it was twice the size of his head!

Cibelle laughed and grabbed the ball from him. She held it in her hand, several inches above Saurus's head.

Up! Up! Ball! Up!

Saurus flapped his wings and rose in the air to match the height of the ball. He hovered there, his body and limbs dangling, swaying side to side. Cibelle grinned cheekily.

"Here we go!"

She threw the ball high in the air and Saurus tore off after it, his flying pattern similar to a Buzzer.

Ball! Up! Up! Away! Mine!

Cibelle, too, glided after the ball, and her lovable yellow Petpet.

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