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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Grit
Owner: sdspj
Pet Name: Ieften
Breed: Sklyde

About Grit:
Ieften sighed. So, this was it -- where he used to live. He looked over the run down mansion carefully. Broken windows, a door barely hanging on its hinges, vines crawling up and down the paint-chipped sides. You could hardly call this a home.

Still, though, he walked in, right through the door. The inside was even worse. Water damage, leaves everywhere, along with the droppings of Petpets everywhere. If he could still smell, he imagined that the odor would be horrendous.

He looked at the spiraling staircase and walked up it. A long hallway stretched in front of him; only one door remained open: his father's study. That was where he'd kept all his papers, stolen artifacts, and stolen money, along with the newspapers that publicized his crimes and infamous escapes.

Inside was different than he remembered. All the neat piles had been scattered all around the room, now covered in dirt and water. Ieften shook his head. His father must have been gone for a long time.

Something stood out to Ieften, though. It was some sort of bucket turned on its side. Ripped and chewed paper lined it as if it had been put there on purpose. He decided to look closer.

Sticking his head close to it, something jumped out at him, attempting to attack his face. Of course, it was just an attempt; Ieften was a ghost, and therefore not solid and incapable of being hurt by such an assault. He looked at the little monster, which was still trying to attack him. It was a skeleton of some sort of Petpet -- a living, animated skeleton. Intrigued, he solidified his hand (a trick he had picked up not to long ago) and picked up the squirming creature.

It was exactly what he though: another undead creature of the Haunted Woods, which was probably going to be around for eternity. He felt sympathy for the creature that was now attempting to get out of his grip.

Eventually the creature won out and ran into his hovel. Ieften shook his head and looked back in. It appeared rather uncomfortable, just sleeping in water-damaged papers. He sighed and left to explore the rest of his house.

That's when he started realizing something. This may be his house, but it was the creature's home. His thoughts of exterminating it slowly depleted. He shook his head and walked into his father's room, grabbing a pillow and going back into the study.

He took the creature, who he decided to call Grit, out of his home and emptied out the dirty papers, then replaced them with the less dirty pillow, making sure that it fit comfortably in there.

He put Grit down near the new bed and looked down at him. Grit looked up at him and, though he had no eyes remaining, he looked happy. He then curled into his new home.

Ieften sighed and smiled for the first time in a very long time. Maybe now things would start going right for a little while. At least now he had a friend.

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