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Petpet Name: Mittens
Owner: planets_for_lunch
Pet Name: blinerbry
Breed: Plushie Slorg

About Mittens:

Your grandfather clock has finally struck 10:00 pm NST. You've been waiting practically all night for this time to come. It's very difficult for a hardworking Neopian like yourself to stay up past your bedtime and take a quick trip over to Terror Mountain to visit the grumpy old Snowager while it sleeps, in the hope of possibly getting your hands on some treasure.

You quickly get your Winter Zafara Parka, Mittens, Trousers, and Tail Sock on. After all, you never can dress too warm for the Ice Caves! You grab your small pack of necessities and out the door you go.

Before you know it you've arrived at Happy Valley, the quaint little town at the bottom of Terror Mountain. You jog briskly to the Ice Caves where the Snowager's den is.

At the entrance of the cave you glance at your Sundial Wristwatch. It's very difficult to read, especially with the sun not being out. You can barely make out the time; it reads 10:21.
I knew I should have bought that Wind Up Pocket Watch, you think you yourself.

Just as you are about to enter the cave you hear a voice. You instantly freeze, thinking you have somehow disturbed the Snowager. Frozen in fear, you strain your ears to confirm the worst.

"H-h-hey Mittens, o-over here!"

You are taken aback. It's just another Neopian! Phew, what a relief! You lean in closer to hear more as you wipe the trickle of sweat that has run down your forehead. Even in twenty degree below weather, any Neopian would be breaking a sweat if they knew that they had disturbed the Snowager from its slumber.
"Look what I found! This HAS to be the best treasure sweep yet, Mittens!"

Ahhh, another Neopian must be robbing the Snowager just as you were planning to do.

If it's safe for him, I suppose it's safe for me you think as you tiptoe silently into the cave.

The wide passageway slowly but surely gets smaller and smaller as you draw near the treasure room, till finally you are at the very end; peeking around the corner, you gaze into the vast room. Coiled around heaps and mounds of treasure piles you see the sleepy Snowager, fast asleep and hugging its rare belongings. Your eyes widen as you see Neggs of all kinds and colors, Battledome weapons, scratchcards, snowballs of every which kind, keyrings, and any plushie your little heart could ever desire.

You also see a Christmas Bori dressed in a snug gray Wool Peacoat with a Snowy Scarf tucked around his neck. Quickly scuttling after him is none other than a Plushie Slorg.

That must be Mittens, you think to yourself, because Mittens would be a silly name for a Bori, after all.

Forgetting about the Snowager and thieving any of its goodies, you decide to watch the cute little Slorg in action instead. Have you ever watched a Slorg try to be fast? It's quite comical.

The plush Slorg inched as fast as its little sock body could pull itself. It even had a few beads of sweat on its tiny patchwork forehead. Who knew Slorgs could sweat, or even socks for that matter?

"Mittens, grab that Jelly Bean Filled Negg and let's get out of here. I've already gotten what I came here for," the Bori whispers.

The Slorg nods its head in agreement with the Bori. You chuckle quietly to yourself as you watch Mittens inch over to the Jelly Bean Filled Negg and begin rolling it with its head, carefully trying not to bust the Negg open and spill out its delicious candies.

The adorable plush Slorg clearly tries its hardest to roll the Negg as quickly as possible to the exit of the cave just as its owner had ordered. After watching Mittens roll the Negg for an exhausting fifteen minutes, it finally makes it to the entrance to the tunnel.

You can see how proud the little Slorg feels about pleasing its owner and accomplishing a hard task. Mittens glows with joy.

The Bori picks up the last of his things and walks over to the Slorg, picking it up and the Jelly Filled Negg.

"Good job, Mittens," the Bori whispers. Mittens gives a quiet "meep" in return.

As they are about the exit the cave, they notice you and the Bori walks over.

"Hey, it's 10:58. You'd better get out of here before the Snowager awakes. It'll be sure to fire a MASSIVE icy blast at you after it sees what I stole," the Christmas Bori chuckles.
"S-sure thing," you reply sheepishly as the Bori turns around and high tails it out of the cave.

You glance at your Sundial Wristwatch one last time. It barely reads 10:58. You must have lost track of time watching the adorable Plushie Slorg roll that Negg.

"I'm definitely getting a new watch tomorrow," you say as you walk out of the Snowager’s cave.

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