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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Naka
Owner: rcccpilon
Pet Name: Flynn_neo
Breed: Yellow Naleap

About Naka:
"This pond is beautiful," you think to yourself, gazing at the deep pool of blue. Cattails sway in the evening breeze of Shenkuu as you stop to better appreciate the moment of peace. Spying an empty bench, you meander over and begin to relax after a long day of gathering supplies for the faeries.

Out of the blue a small yellow bird swings into your line of vision, perching delicately on the edge of the pond. His gaze is centered on the water, a look of determination on his face.

"Oh little bird, I don't think you are meant to swim," you say to him, and immediately his attention whips around to you. Red eyes stare into yours, and he fluffs his golden feathers in reply, obviously not satisfied by your answer.

The water of the pond suddenly stirs, little ripples becoming greater and greater until a faerie Tuskaninny surfaces. She glides up to the edge of the pond and smiles when she spies the little golden bird. "Hello, Naka! I'm sorry I'm late. I bet you're mighty hungry." Dipping underwater once more, she returns with some berries in hand. "These are all the way from Mystery Island, so I hope you like them! Sorry about them being a bit wet," she laughs to herself. By this time the bird now known as Naka is chirping happily and gobbling up his treat.

Shifting in your seat, you cough so as to make your presence known. "Oh!" she exclaims, turning toward you. "Hi there! I didn't see you; sorry about that! I'm Flynn."

"Hello, Flynn! I was just admiring your little bird there," you reply, smiling.

"Oh, Naka? Well, he's quite a smart Naleap! I found him by this pond years ago, and I think he liked that I have the same yellows on my skin he has on his feathers, because he's waited for me here every night since!" she beams, obviously proud.

"That is so cool," you say in return while watching Naka hop over the rocks bordering the edge of the pond.

"I've also learned that he absolutely loves berries, so I always try to find some wherever I am to bring back," she continues, rubbing Naka under his beak.

"How did you get to this pond from Mystery Island, though?" you ask, a little confused.

"Oh! There's an underwater tunnel out to the ocean from this pond, so it makes it easy to come back and forth,” she replies. "He obviously can’t swim like I can, so he waits for me here while I go exploring. He tried to follow me once, but he's not used to any other weather outside of Shenkuu's, so I don't think he liked the cold of Terror Mountain!"

Naka, now content and singing a song, hops over to your bench, classifying you as a new friend. Flying up to land on your shoulder, you are mesmerised by the shimmering colours in his feathers, ranging from a bright yellow to a deep gold.

"He's just gorgeous," you murmur, delighted when he burrows his head into the crook of your neck.

"And he knows it!" Flynn laughs. Your wrist watch abruptly goes off, reminding you that you must be on your way. Standing up, you let Naka flutter back to his owner. "I must get home for dinner, but it was so nice meeting you and Naka," you explain, not wanting to leave this serene haven.

"Yes, you too!" she replies. "Come back anytime! I’m here every night!"

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