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Petpet Name: Miss Steak
Owner: moonlit_sparkle
Pet Name: Tachico
Breed: Mutant Anubis

About Miss Steak:
A baby Lupe rushes through the open door of the classroom, panting excitedly. He is holding an Anubis in one paw and has his backpack slung over one shoulder. The Peophin sitting at the professor's desk sighs. "You're late again, Tachico."

Tachico flashes a full-toothed grin at his teacher. "Sorry, Mrs. Fin! I had to, uh... clean my room before leaving home," he says with a smirk.

Mrs. Fin rests her head on one hoof and shakes it, and then taps her desk impatiently with her opposite hoof. "Well, dear, we're about to start Show and Tell, and since you're already standing at the front of the class, would you like to start? I assume you've come prepared."

"Actually, yeah!" Tachico exclaims, still grinning. He drops the Anubis he's holding onto the ground. The Anubis appears to be a sickly green color and is not showing any sign of life. Small horns appear to be protruding from her forehead and running down her back, and a red studded collar is clasped around her neck. Tachico's classmates watch the strange creature curiously.

"This," he begins, prodding the limp Anubis with his tiny paw, "is Miss Steak!"

The Anubis still does not move. Tachico doesn't seem alarmed. He keeps nudging her. "Steak," he says gently, "you've been sleeping for fifteen hours now. Come on." He looks up at the other baby 'pets in his class. "Well, I guess I can tell you a bit about my little friend here. She's an Anubis, but not just a regular one... I was actually playing near the Rubbish Dump one night." He giggles, then continues. "My owner was worried sick; she had no idea where I was. Anyway, so my friends and I were playing Splat-A-Sloth when, all of a sudden, THIS lovely thing--"

Tachico suddenly seems to lose patience and roughly nudges the Petpet lying on the floor. The class gasps and starts to rustle nervously.

Mrs. Fin sits up and appears concerned. "Tachico, are you sure--"

Then, suddenly, the Anubis' eyes pop open and she prances up on all fours, hissing and growling.

"That's more like it!" Tachico says excitedly. He picks up the Anubis between his two front paws and hugs her. The Anubis snarls and starts biting at Tachico's arms. "She's a mutant," he says proudly. "She jumped out at me from a pile of slime that night, and we've been inseparable ever since." He looks down fondly at the slobbering, glaring creature in his arms. "She makes the most curious noises, and her name is a pun, I made it up myself... Miss Steak, get it? Like a mistake." Tachico starts chuckling to himself, apparently oblivious to the confused faces in front of him.

"Anyway, she's very special. Her favorite food is fish pops, especially the Lemon and Lime Fish Pop, but any gross food will do." As he says this, he pulls out a Salmon Fishwich from his backpack. Miss Steak's eyes go wide and, for the first time, her mouth twists into somewhat of a smile. Tachico smiles back lovingly at his Petpet. He puts her down gently on the floor and offers her the fishwich, which she grabs between her sharp teeth and, in the most repulsive way possible, gobbles up in a couple of seconds, drooling and grunting. She then turns towards the class, grins, and lets out an enormous belch.

"My goodness!" Mrs. Fin exclaims. "That's disgusting!"

Tachico proudly puffs out his chest and beams down at Miss Steak. "Need I say more?"

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